Ahmed Olabisi Ajayi, Nigerian scammer in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

More info about Chinese scammers, Cambodia scammers, pig butchering scam/sha zu pan and other scams related to it :

Indian scammers(Pradip Rajbhar, Shivam Singh, Nikhil Singh, Prithviraj Chavan, Sandip Yadav, Vishwas Chaurasiya) worked for chinese scammers based in Dubai.
The scam is part time job scam.

Indian scammers(Satish Yadav, Abhishek Garg, Sandeep Mahla) worked for chinese scammers based in China and Dubai. Scammers gang leader is in Georgia.
Scammers pretend as Amazon offering part time job to victims. They used RazorPay(an online payments in India) to laundered victim money.
This is some links on scammer info about RazorPay :

Chinese and Taiwanese victims were forced to worked as scammer in Hotel Sanapiro in Batumi, a city in southwest Georgia.
Maybe this is the same scammers with scammers on the link above(Cyber crime: Cyber criminals syndicate operating from China and Dubai unearthed, had cheated 11,000 - The Economic Times).

Chinese scammers in Dubai worked with Indian and Pakistan scammers.
Indian scammer with name Dharmendra Kumar revealed the chinese scammers operation in Dubai. Indian scammers and scammers from other Asian countries are forced to make fake calls to people in many countries. Victim money was transferred to India, then to Pakistan and finally arrived in Dubai.
Some links on scammer info about Dharmendra Kumar :

Indian scammers(Munawar, Arul Das, Shah Sumair, Sameer Khan) worked with chinese scammers(Kevin Jun, Lee Lou Langzhou, Shasha) in Dubai and China, also with Hezbollah(Lebanon Shia Islamist political party and militant group).
Some links on scammer info about Sameer Kahn :

Myanmar hands 31000 telecom fraud suspects to China.
Ming Xuechang/Myin Shaw Chang, a scammer leader in Myanmar commited suicide.
There are 2 more chinese scammers on the website above : Chen Yanban and Xiao Yankui.
The website also mentioned about a victim from Malaysia(https://www.scmp.com/week-asia/people/article/3192649/malaysian-victims-death-linked-asias-hell-earth-scam-trade). Not only from Malaysia, but there are a lot of victims from many countries(Indonesia, Lao PDR/Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Hongkong, Taiwan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, Turkey, Brazil).

Indian scammers(Vijay Vanzara, Jay Parekh) worked for chinese scammers. They created mobile apps(Power Bank, EZPlan) to scam people. The scam is investment scam.
Another Indian scammers on the website above : Sheikh Robin, Avik Kedia, Ronak Bansal.

Chinese scammers using loan app to scam people in India.
The website also mentioned those scammers using online payments like Razorpay, Cashfree, Paytm, PayU, Easebuzz for money laundry.
Some links on scammer info about Paytm :

Some info about victims in Myanmar and Cambodia are forced to scam people.
The news also mentioned a victim from Malaysia again(https://www.scmp.com/week-asia/people/article/3192649/malaysian-victims-death-linked-asias-hell-earth-scam-trade).

Some info about pig butchering scams in America.
The mastermind of those scams are from Cambodia and China.

A victim from Malaysia in Singapore got scammed by a pig butchering scammer.

Info about human trafficking victim from Philippines in Cambodia.
He was forced to became a pig butchering scammer.

Another info about pig butchering scam victims experience from many countries(Vietnam, Australia, Indonesia, Taiwan) in Cambodia.
Something I noticed from the website above :

  1. Indonesian victims shared a footage with abc website and they were immediately thrown up to the street without paying at all, so I think those scammers afraid they will get exposed to the public.
  2. A Taiwanese victim sent a message to Sihanoukville governor on Facebook and she was immediately rescued. From the info on the website above only her was rescued, the other victims didn’t get rescue at all, this seems really odd. Maybe Sihanoukville governor afraid this scam will get exposed to the public?

Some links about pig butchering scam/sha zu pan on scammer info :

Considering these criminal groups are quite big and they have bases in many countries(Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Dubai, etc), so there is a high chance scammers behind some/all pig butchering scam post on scammer info are scammers/victims forced to work as scammer from Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Dubai, etc.