Our favorite Student Loan Scammers are back


They’re back for more…They’re the ones that answer “Hi Can I get your File Number or FSA ID?” (i.e. the same clowns from the below delightful conference call flood I served them last month)

Call them all day and drive them crazy.

Not answering

What is the best strategy to waste their time?

@urlaub14#86605 can you bait them and get connected to the next scammer and try to find out info about them? Like direct phone number, company name, website. DO NOT FLOOD them pls

goes for the other people here aswell. Pls gather information, maybe also agent names etc

got connected to: Ashley from Student Forums

@Eviltaco799#86634 haha :stuck_out_tongue: well pls bait them and try to get evidence that what company they connect you to and their call back number. And pls record as evidence. Then we might be able to prove that its our friends from DDR

@NeeP#86622 I haven’t flooded since last month that one time but they do seem to block all inbound calls on their DIDs and then get new ones more often.

The only info I’ve been able to get out of them so far is that Summer told me they’re in New York (But their call center operates on PST), they’re “old school and have no website”, only take paper resumes, and only identify themselves as the “National Student Help Center”. So who knows what is actually true.

If you ask them for a website, address, or any identifiable information they usually hang up and block promptly. But maybe others will have more luck 👍🏻

@Eviltaco799#86634 thats exactly what im saying… we dont have evidence…

@NeeP#86653 I don’t think they’re the same as DDR but I could be wrong. (Different hold music, different agents, different script, etc). Also DDR seems to mostly just make cold calls and try to dupe struggling borrowers into paying them to file FSA paperwork for them that they could otherwise do themselves for free in less than 10 minutes.

Whereas these guys seem to have no website, no address, no company name, (or at least nothing they want us to know) It just seems to be a phishing scam trying to get borrowers’ FSA IDs because they’re tied to the persons’ SSN so it’s fine material to sell for fraud. Then maybe charge for a few fake services while they’re at it.

All student loan scams are the same. They use robocalls offering forgiveness. They want your financial and social security information. What they do with it is unknown. If they actually can offer student loan services, it is likely they are a broker or lead generator. If they offer any financial services, they are likely predatory.

They use generic names. They probably have a website if you bother them enough. You can also get them to send you an email.

I think some are in California. Don't think I have found any in New York.

14088277299 is active. Apparently they’ve found the way to San Jose.

Another one 16307615796


16309988500 is active

Add this one:

Hey, this is John again! StddnnttLoans been4given. Call us Today at 1-888-612-3996 TextSTOPoptout
they said their website is: https://sequoiaaccountmanagement.com/Contact of course there's no address listed

SEO: 18886123996

15089058717 is active

the same guys “I’m just a receptionist” are online here: 17542318693


Which is this company: https://www.studentsloanservices.org/

it’s weird. After I spoke to some “special” girl which was from the receptionists but which transfered herself 2x into a call of mine with another receptionists, the number stopped working. I guess that girl is maybe of the admin team or so… She had a pretty high voice, I don’t think she’s older than 30. Sadly didn’t record the call with her voice…

@NeeP#89109 Yep I did a little more research here calling them several times pretending to be different people. It’s all a much bigger setup than I thought. Long Running Student Loan Scam Unmasked

There’s a lot of evidence that suggests these knuckleheads (the “I’m just a Receptionist” people) are just part of a giant Lead Generator/Robocall Farm where they illegally robodial thousands of people leaving the same pre-recorded VM from “Jenny” who claims to be able to forgive people’s student loans asking them to call xxx-xxx-xxxx here ).

When someone returns the VM then that’s when they get the person asking “Hi Can I get your file number or FSAID?”. But notice that even if you don’t provide that info they’re really in a hurry to hot-transfer you to their “Certified Loan Advisor” and they WILL NOT tell you any info about their company and will either hang up or say “I’m just a receptionist”. I think it’s because they know they’re making countless TCPA violations daily. But If you oblige and wait for them to hot-transfer you they usually they have to dial 2-3 #s before someone answers.

They are really just connecting you 1 of several different Student Loan scam companies. StudentLoanServices.org is just one of them. Sometimes they’ll connect people to studentforms.org or a 3rd one that hangs up on me every time I ask for their info or sometimes just arbitrarily. :joy:

@urlaub14#89132 thanks for figuring out what I have been writing about for years. The question is how are leads distributed daily amongst the variety of scammers out there?