"Tax Recovery Centre" - "Tax Relief Services" - "Alleviate Tax"

Scam Number: (470) 771-7550
Scammer’s Website or Email: (N/A)
Additional information about this scam:

Starts with a pre-recorded female robot voice!!! It will transfer you to a live human after wanting to know if you’d like to talk to someone and tell you how your eligible for the typical nothing just to lure you in. Usual shit, blah blah.

“Charles” answered - seems like a very nice person in general, also tried to get me the manager quite literally upon request with no hesitation. “James” from “Alleviate Tax” answered then appeared to hang up the call transfer when I asked if he was the manager. My call kept getting bounced, but eventually it appeared like the redirect number blocked me as it kept going round and round telling me my call was being connected before telling me the number was not in service. @scamterminator2021 I’ve dealt with them BEFORE, don’t forget.


Another number in my missed calls: (510) 327-8094

This one is doing the same thing of telling me that apparently the number it’s forwarding is not in service.