Alleviate Tax, LLC, TCPA-violating tax relief scammers

Scam Number: (443) 516-5138 (Peerless), (209) 490-0430 (Onvoy via Sinch Voice)
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: User attempted to send multiple soliciting cold calls to my cell phone, which is on the national Do-Not-Call Registry, though the calls were marked as spam. I later received a voicemail from “Pearl Higgins from the Activate Center,” falsely claiming that I still owe back taxes to the IRS.

Calls to the (443) number are answered by a third-party who simply answers as “Tax Relief” and will hang up when asked to provide the name of the company they work for. Calls to the (209) number are answered by a representative with Alleviate Tax, LLC, a BBB-accredited tax return preparation company that operates out of 2600 Michelson Dr Ste 1500, Irvine, CA 92612-6511.

User complaints on their Google, Yelp, TrustPilot and BBB listings indicate patterns of fraudulent activity, such as:

  • Falsely promising their customers the best deal with the IRS, only to sign them up for a more expensive offer than what the IRS was gonna give them.
  • Constantly changing case managers, leading to their customers’ having their wages garnished, and falsely claiming to handle their customers’ taxes for free.
  • Making fraudulent robocalls to recipients multiple times per day in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.
  • Charging customers $1,500 for book keeping services that were never provided.
  • Sending prerecorded robocalls falsely claiming their records show the recipient still owing back taxes to the IRS.
  • Using scare tactics, such as false claims that the IRS can arrest the recipients of their calls.
  • Issuing robocalls to recipients who are on the Do-Not-Call Registry
  • Having their customers pay $5,000 to alleviate their back taxes, but never made a formal agreement with the IRS, putting their customers into collections.
  • Refusing to reply to emails and phone calls to resolve their customers’ cases.

The company was sued in the Eastern District of New York for violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act on July 19, 2023, after plaintiff Todd C. Bank received two soliciting robocalls from their company on June 23, 2023 without prior consent. The case was dismissed on March 28, 2024 on the grounds that Banks was contacted by a third party instead of Alleviate directly, as the TCPA requires a direct connection, and that the agent who answered the call wasn’t proven to be an employee of Alleviate.,_LLC

The company was also sued in the Western District of Washington for violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and state telemarketing laws on November 23, 2023 after plaintiff Nathen Barton of Camas, Washington received soliciting robocalls while Barton was on the do-not-call registry, including one by “Ella, the director for the federal tax abatement program” and another by “Jessica with Tax Relief Services” A jury trial for the case was demanded on April 4, 2024.

The company was also sued for violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act in the Western District of Texas on September 23, 2022 after plaintiff Erik Salaiz of El Paso, who represented himself, received a soliciting robocall from their company. A motion for a default judgement as moot was denied by the judge, who dismissed the case on January 30, 2023.,_LLC

The company has also been on our radar since May 25, 2023, when @MehNamesJeff received a soliciting robocall and called out one of their company employees for their attempted violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Fellow moderator @Barryspar has indicated that he will look into TCPA action against their company on August 2, 2023.

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Associated Phone Numbers:

  • (800) 299-7832 (YTel)
  • (888) 859-8291 (YTel)
  • (559) 398-0532 (Peerless, listed on their YouTube channel)

Associated Email Address - [email protected]


What nasty people preying on people at their worst time.


There is thousands of these numbers active daily
I have several hundred of their numbers which are now dead, they swap them out every week for all new ones

A few have nomorobo recordings associated with them
They turn up everywhere while my searches are ripping through real estate in search for bastards

2247641935 Megan Palafox with alleviate tax

2247641957 Megan Palafox with alleviate tax

4439246835 Megan Palafox with alleviate tax

5737333914 Megan Palafox with alleviate tax

6183896573 Megan Palafox with alleviate tax

6183896895 Megan Palafox with alleviate tax

6267705047 Megan Palafox with alleviate tax
6267705072 Megan Palafox with alleviate tax
6267705089 Megan Palafox with alleviate tax

6267705102 Megan Palafox with alleviate tax

6267705118 Megan Palafox with alleviate tax
6267705172 Megan Palafox with alleviate tax

6267705267 Megan Palafox with alleviate tax

6267705710 Megan Palafox with alleviate tax

6267705905 Megan Palafox with alleviate tax

6267705560 Megan Palafox with alleviate tax


I called and asked what they would do for me that I could not negotiate myself and what it would cost. He said would I build my own house. I said I was not building a house. He said I had a bad attitude and he did not like me. Just for asking what they do. He did not like my attitude after that. The next dude refused to give me a website. I asked why. He would not tell me. Again he did not like me asking any questions. What a way to do business. Next dude gave me a website that my computer said was not secure and blocked me from accessing it.


Confront them too, ask them for even a comment, from a spokesperson, regarding their shady business practices - TCPA Violations etc. Directly attack them for it. That should really put them off as it’s unexpected.

Bunch of assholes! Not sure how they are still operating, low life scum if I do say so myself; Selfish useless sketchy bastards…


It is bad enough that Indians are scamming us but Americans?


Plot twist to the story. Unfortunately, to say the least!
Absolute shit-show.

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She just needs to activate your $500 VISA Gift Card first, for security purposes! :wink:


Oh, they don’t want to hear about their reviews. Woman swore at me. Nice.


I find between 2 and 3 times more US based scam numbers than all else combined.

I found an online casino I’ve been investigating who have just under 1,500 active numbers.
Why in 15 types of fuck would anyone need that many numbers unless they have something to hide?
Shitloads of them robocall like lunatics and that is the main reason for their number gluttony

That said I also have supposedly legitimate multinational companies who have around 1000 numbers also, despite their website listing just 1 number as a contact.


(443) - After 6 minutes, no one came to answer my phone call and the call automatically dropped.

(209) - [MENU] Thank you for calling the Federal Tax Resolution Department. We called you today to let you know about our new federal tax resolution programme that cuts any taxes you owe in half, and also eliminates any interest that your on track of paying. As long as you owe over $10,000 of taxes and currently have a job, you should qualify! If you owe over $10,000 in federal taxes AND your currently employed, please press 1 to speak to our sales department. If you wanna be removed from our calling lists, please press 2!

They answer here.

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As usual, you have done an outstanding and tremendous research!!! Major kudos to you, sir, for fighting these criminals, many of whom are unfortunately Americans these days!

I would recommend starting a class-action lawsuit. I’ve been working closely with the following attorneys, all of who are excellent professionals and very reasonable guys:

Anthony Paronich [email protected]
Avi Kaufman [email protected]
Andrew Perrong [email protected]
Michael Greenwald [email protected]
Alex Burke [email protected]

I am not affiliated with any of these individuals, but I had great success and positive experience with them.



  • (725) 291-0772 (Peerless)
  • (949) 670-0548 (Telnyx)

I received 2 attempted calls and another voicemail from “Riley Evans from Rapid Relief Tax Services,” falsely claiming I owe back taxes to the IRS. Calls to the (725) number are answered by the “Tax Relief Group” in Irvine, California while calls to the (946) number are answered by “Tax Relief Services”

Similar voicemails were recorded on YouMail, where the company also claimed to operate as

  • The Tax Group, LLC, which is an identity also used by ATS Tax Group.
  • “Clear Tax Relief”
  • “ReliefWise Tax Services”
  • “Premier Tax Services”
  • “Premier Tax Negotiators”
  • “Tax Relief Experts”
  • “Tax Relief Associates”
  • “Tax Aid to Tax”
  • “Zenith Tax Solutions”



  • (585) 430-6318 (Peerless)
  • (949) 273-2894 ( via RingCentral)

I received two attempted calls and a voicemail from “Sarah Johnson with Optimum Tax Relief,” falsely claiming I owe back taxes to the IRS. As my number starts with the (585) area code, the scammers are engaging in neighbor spoofing in violation of the Truth in Caller ID Act, which would therefore hold them responsible for $10,000 in penalties.

Calls to the (725) number are answered by “Trump Taxes” while calls to the (949) number are answered by “Tax Support”

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41-second ringless voicemail, arrived Monday morning, violating state and federal DNC laws. Female possibly AI/computer-generated voice:

“Hey there! It’s Stephanie Martinez with Optimal Tax Relief. My number is 949-676-9203.
It looks like you might owe some back-taxes. I’m calling to let you know that you’re eligible to enroll to get them eliminated using the tax-forgiveness initiative.
Any back taxes may be reduced or even eliminated through this program. Obviously right now there’s a lot of demand for this, so we do need to get you enrolled this week. Give me a call and we can get you set up! It’s a simple phone call!
Should just take a few minutes.
I’ll keep your account open through the end of the week for you. Once again, my phone number is 949-676-9203. Thanks!”