McAfee Scammers

Scam Number: 8657456220
Scammer’s Website or Email: [email protected] they use the company website

Additional information about this scam: Scammer typed on vm all of their information. alternate phone numbers 1-800-487-9456 … 1-800-927-8927 Representive scammer Dave.Charging your credit card 399.99 for 3 years of maintenance from PC Magic USA INC

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Was this in the 1945?
Is the protection from some war.
Look how old school that mail looked

thats what they typed out on the text document
while baiting them

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Do you have the original email.
Or was this one a reported one?

there wasnt a original email that i had. I got it from someone else in my discord server. the email they use I put up a extra @ by accident

(865) 745-6220 Call drops after 3 ring’s on TN

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I had the same thing.

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Yeah i worked them for a hour on my vm they are kinda scare right now

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Did you get some reverse connection in them?

No I didnt I know how to on anydesk but not but i reported their website to to cloudflare. Couldnt get their actual ip

They never emailed me this was written as a text document on my virtual machine