[JAMAICAN 🇯🇲] Publisher's Clearing House, Mega Millions, Sweepstakes, and Lottery Scam Thread

I had it showing nothing but the number it was coming from.

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Not blocked, VM


The call won’t even connect for me. I may have made him mad by suggesting that his parents were brother and sister and that he is the only one on the island who knows who his parents are, and that picture.

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None of the numbers connect for me either they’re contaminating all my other scam numbers

(post deleted by author)


516-895-2585 “Debra Hallen” as she put it lmao too stupid to spell Holland

9143364170 PCH claim number 950501

Active lazy good for nothing lay about

This is an important notification. My name is Susan Williamson from the prize patrol unit. This call is to inform you that you’re the lucky winner of $10,000 weekly for life in our monthly grand prize giveaway, along with $18,500,000. To claim your prize, please contact our claims department on 914-336-4170 have you checked your mail or your email? Your claim number is 950501. I repeat, 950501. Due to your mailing subscription, your prize has been approved by postal Inspector Gary Barksdale. Congratulations. For more information on how to claim your prize, please press zero. For our next customer service agents. To replay this message, press one. To opt out, press two. Thanks again from the Publishers Clearing House the house where dreams come true.

2137824659 PCH Victor Lawrence


3852056779 PCH Victor Lawrence


Publishers Clearing House Prize patrol department. We are pleased to notify you the draw of the sweepstakes program to the sum of $4 million from our jackpot giveaway sweepstakes. Contact us at 385-205-6779 and get a special delivery date. Your millionaire dream from Publishers Clearing House awaits you. Press one now to be connected to Victor Lawrence to claim your prize.

9144819981 PCH claim number 5852


Hello. This is a secure voice message from the Publishers Clearing House Company located at 101 Winners Circle, Jericho, New York, United States of America. This message is to inform you that you are the winner of an unclaimed prize. For more information on how to claim your prize, please give us a call and provide the live agent with your claims number. Your claim number is 5852. That is 5852. Our phone number is 914-481-9981 I repeat, 914-481-9981 we are looking forward to speaking with you.

360-474-6460 Still Active PCH VM
516-585-7646 Still Active PCH VM
516-895 2585 Still Active PCH VM
876-879-8448 Saturday 5-18-24

718-582-8706 PC VM

276-231-9246 Roger Bell VM
782-201-3182 PCH VM
646-914-6281 PCH VM

516-440-6160 Todd Salone


516-866-8161 PCH VM
240-598-3421 Mike Lopez’s VM

516-595-3392 PCH VM
929-786-2991 Still Active Male VM
502-849-9661 Oscar

516-584-7829 Still Active PCH VM
973-784-7825 Generic VM
876-788-0153 Still Active

516-440-6136 Still Active PCH VM
716-406-7335 Still Active David Anderson’s VM

404-404-3993 Generic VM
570-334-5055 Generic VM
888-637-0204 Generic VM
202-631-1291 Still Active FTC VM
434-282-0120 Still Active

702-356-3846 Still Active Frank’s VM

888-249-5102 Generic VM
516-340-4960 Still Active PCH VM
516-360-3249 Generic VM
516-886-4396 Still Active PCH VM
516-895-2585 Still Active PCH VM
800-376-1368 Still Active PCH VM
213-495-5878 Still Active Readers Digest VM
876-329-8940 Still Active

778-403-2235 Still Active
2. Joe Carter
3. Paul Newman Claim Director
4. Patrick Goldberg
5. David White Prize Advisor
509-743-3939 Still Active PCH VM
914-481-9981 John

717-204-2537 TN VM
702-536-2913 Still Active Frank Wallace

876-324-4291 Still Active

877-317-1935 Still Active PCH VM
516-585-7646 Still Active PCH VM
516-202-3376 Still Active PCH VM
518-306-7033 Generic VM
516-440-8505 Still Active Male VM
909-818-1587 Still Active Male VM
876-839-0248 Still Active

876-391-4405 Still Active

516-914-2396 Still Active PCH VM
516-919-5811 Still Active Todd Salone’s VM
405-230-3484 Still Active PCH VM
516-283-9858 Still Active PCH VM
516-930-9284 Still Active PCH VM
925-391-7368 Still Active

407-594-9451 Still Active Male VM

516-893-9868 Still Active PCH VM
516-898-1382 Still Active Male VM
516-898-3292 Still Active Jeffery Douglas

315-557-7044 Still Active Benjamin Carbone VM
972-688-1543 Still Active David Johnson’s VM

405-230-3484 Still Active PCH VM
404-404-3993 Still Active Mike Peterson
516-914-3599 Still Active Male VM
917-437-5894 Still Active PCH VM
934-202-4847 Still Active PCH VM
347-877-2205 Still Active PCH VM
646-543-6941 Still Active Male VM
516-584-7829 Still Active PCH VM
716-204-5564 Still Active Todd Salone/Susan Williamson’s VM
518-313-3037 Still Active

802-214-4837 Still Active Roger Bell’s VM
585-390-2848 Still Active PCH VM
516-866-8585 Still Active PCH VM
518-501-6929 Still Active

516-895-0630 Still Active Male VM
518-313-3037 Still Active Bill Bobson’s VM
800-461-5893 Still Active Andy Goldberg’s VM
581-800-0208 Generic VM
646-914-6281 Still Active PCH VM
647-957-2832 TN VM
516-340-4960 Still Active PCH VM
725-772-3573 Still Active Mary Snow

352-424-6635 Still Active

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5029189126 / 502-918-9126 PCH Fred Freeman


5164477067 / 516-447-7067 PCH Fred Freeman


This is an important message from Publishers Clearing House, prize patrol department. Congratulations. You are the winner of $4 million from our jackpot giveaway sweepstakes. Contact Fred Freeman at 516-447-7067 and get a special delivery date. Your millionaire dream from Publishers Clearinghouse awaits you.

405-883-3006 James Bell VM Saturday 5-18-24 10:57PM EST
585-357-3468 Male VM

518-345-6522 PCH VM
786-480-4071 James Carter

9293351474 PCH claim number 48801US

Working late at da office of da publishers clearings owse!

Practicing da alphabet an other third grade grammar, while admiring de office chickens and roosters…they look mighty fine!!

Hello, Winners International and also Readers Digest in association with the Powerball State Lottery is pleased to officially announce you as the first place winner in our $100 million monthly draw giveaway. This drawing is sponsored by Walmart, Walgreens, Amazon and the Powerball State lottery as the first place winner. Congratulations. The Wheel of Fortune has made all the necessary arrangements in order for you to receive your prize. Please contact your agent, Dave White at telephone number 929-335-1474 again, that’s 929-335-1474 also provide your unique claim number which is 48801US. Your funds are being process and remitted as we speak. Congratulations and thank you. To make your American dreams a true dream, press one and your call will transfer to an agent. Goodbye.

830-365-8495 Male VM Monday 5-20-24 9:12AM EST

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828-270-0884 Mike Lopez left this VM for me Monday 5-20-24 12:22PM EST

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That sounds so professional.

Damn. Mr Cooper was so offended when I asked if he had any friends not of his ethnicity to come over to boink an old lady because I don’t like Jamaicans. OH MY! he was actually really upset. I told him my 72 year old sister would join in. She only has one leg, though. I told him I would take my teeth out and everything. He got so damn mad. He said he would find me. I said I hope so. I have not been laid in 15 years. He was yelling about a recorded line. My husband could not stop laughing

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Just got a call from Mr. Dave Sayers. He won’t tell me his favorite color, and asks, “are you here to waste my time?” I think he wants us to waste his time.

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  • Phone Number: 516-440-6136
  • Date of this Report: May 20, 2024
  • Phone Line Type: CELL PHONE
  • Phone Company: SINCH
  • Phone Location: NASSAU, NY

I am all in, @ElmerFudde2020!

Per the voicemail of the criminal’s cell phone, I left a message to call me back please. The voicemail greeting said that I’d reached PCH.

Now I am going to login to voice.google.com and switch my home landline VOIP number to show only “Unknown Number” and I will call repeatedly his CELL phone to harass the hell out of him even if he does not answer.

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