Here is why deleting files is pointless

They may back it up on hard-drives, using software like one drive it is kind of pointless to delete files and it just makes them reset their pc which doesn’t take a long time and then they cam scam the next day.

That is evidence that deleting files is pointless. Even if your doing it just for fun and troll its pointless as it just causes more harm than good. Download files, don’t delete them, be silent and don’t help the scammers by deleting files, giving away the method of deleting files and potentially ruining someone else’s bait (one of my friends has had this happen before after a scammers files got deleted).


Typically they just reformat and start scamming the next day.

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I feel as more people should know about this.

Well, if you want to point out what is worthless, then why not mention how calling scammers just to waste time is as effective as deleting their files. Both are meant to disrupt their ability to scam, even if it is only temporary. Remember, while they are busy re-installing a backup, that pc/scammer is not scamming anyone. :roll_eyes:


Calling scammers is far less destructive which in my personal opinion is better. Plus, they have back ups PCs, that scammer could still be scamming. It is better to be silent than them knowing there hacked, certain info like logins e.g. for their calling software would get their password changed if the files got deleted, while if they didn’t you have the login for their calling software and can take calls from them. Stuff like that is more important than them loosing files. Even if you don’t get much information at least they won’t know you were there and you can do whatever you need to with the information you’ve gathered.

Jim is silent for a reason, he wants to really cause damage. If your silent and manage to gain access to some of their accounts and everything goes smoothly you could be in their for a day or a week maybe even longer or even less but it’d be longer than if they knew there’s a chance that account is compromised.

So in my opinion deleting files is pointless.

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Sure, I can agree that for those out to find useful information on a scammers PC, it is pointless to delete their files. Same can be said about those who call flood a scammer and make it harder for a scambaiter who is trying to record a scam in progress for evidence too. It goes both ways in each scenario and really depends on your level of scambaiting on whether it is effective or pointless.

My personal opinion is never let them know anything and always make them wonder what the hell just happened.

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Right, Dont Let Them Know
If They Knew They Will Be Much Smarter

Yah, what you want to do to create the most damage to any given victim is to do the same LE would do: that is gather as much incriminating evidence on your victim and attempt the highest privilege escalation possible. It’s honestly better to leave a job unfinished than to blow your cover.

TL;DR: Be more like Wikileaks, less like Kitboga.