Here is why deleting files is pointless

I like the contact method now I think about it, because you can also educate the victim on how to in general avoid scams.

I.E. no legit company accepts/requests a gift card for payment over the phone, if they claim they overpaid you press f5 to refresh so you can see current balance, etc. maybe that needs rewording but thats just off top of my head.

Genuinely, I would drop an HTA file, containing a malware dropper. Then, this dropper will try to drop malware that deletew his files, uninstalls recovery software and overwrites a Master Boot Record, so that his computer couldn’t boot. If I find the BIOS exploit, I will try to attempt to overwrite scammer’s BIOS. It’s evil, but it works. I got a way to do this from OIETIF(y.exe). You need to put a corrupted BIOS update on to the Master Boot Record, it will try to update, and format the drives. Then, the motherboard is toast. Unless there’s a BIOS update protection, or a dual-BIOS(thanks Cheng-Ying Hao). But my suggestion is that don’t do this on your friend’s computer, or relative’s computer. Unless you are in the lab environment(VM, and whatnot), or on the scammer’s PC, then go ahead.

Agreed, in the case they have zero backups, we can also delete any of victims files, but as stated above, they could just reformat and start again, there is some point in doing this, but only in specific situations

But that doesn’t help? You don’t save victims that way, having persistence and watching them (which is illegal so I don’t suggest people do it) is better. Plus they can easily reset.

But you also have to keep in mind 1. Having the ability to be in a scammers computer is risky and random people don’t need it. scammers have victim info who knows what a bad actor could do with that. Not only that there is a legal risk doing it, that’s why it isn’t teached in the community because anyone can abuse it. Not only that Jim has experience compared to you which you won’t meaning you could end up destroying the PC attempting to save victims etc. or not knowing what to tell victims which could cause them to still be at harm from the scammers (such as call the bank, remove software the scammers put from the PC) and convincing the victim is hard and approaching them plus it’s a lot of work. That’s why we leave it to Jim and others who know what their doing rather than taking the risks ourselves. (I originally posted in Jims server).

You can do a lot of good with it but you can mess stuff up if you don’t know what your doing or join the dark side after seeing huge victims.

I am a man of probabilities. I would watch the scammers computer first. Then, I would notify victms of the scams, do refunds within a specific time, because OPSEC. Yes, I am inexperienced. I am aware of that, and I still have a lot to learn. I told in the original that many BIOS chips support update via the hard drive. And you can wipe the BIOS on the infected PC. That’s not the point, but when I’m done I will disregard the destruction and send info to the authorities anyways.

Yeah the BIOS corrupted you can’t reinstall, I was referring to the MBR being overwritten.

Glad to see you get the point, also FYI refunding is a possibility but most likely you won’t get the chance most of the time which sucks.

Glad to see you get being silent.

Thank you for understanding). Stand with my country(I’m from Ukraine).

Since this was brought up on CJ Scams Scammer Payback, thought I’d bump it.

To add to that been working with a few people who turned a new leaf and are no longer scamming all of them said that most of these scam companies hire what they call IT scholars to ensure everything gets backed up. So yeah it just slows one scammer down and makes them look stupid.