Norton refund (844) 515-1015

Noice! I think I’ve called about 75 times. They are over me but I’m gonna keep calling until they FREAK OUT :wink:


Are you, :rofl: :crazy_face: :smirk: :wave:


I was thinking the same :wink:


I never stop until they stop answering.



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Don’t suggest AnyDesking into their computers due to the potential legal risks.

Don’t suggest AnyDesking into their computers due to the potential legal risks. No ones really gonna tell you for that reason.

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@cybrly Welcome to the community!

I don’t really care about legal stuff. I want to delete files and find number lists.

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read this please. plus your so knew to scambaiting there would be no use in your gaining access to the computers as a lot of the information you wouldn’t know what to do with, you’d wanna learn more about scambaiting before attempting stuff like that which I don’t recommend people do.

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The big part for me is finding lists. Then I can call the victims and see what happened. I get that they back it up, but corrupting their computer and getting lists is really helpful, and can be done with the same program as deletion.

Corrupting their computer will just make them reset it, a lot more you can do but I and most people won’t teach you how to do it, if you are interested in Cyber Security learn that but if you just wanna hack the scammers without having prior knowledge then I wouldn’t suggest doing that all not that you should be doing it either way if you wanna follow the law.

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Your both in the wrong, as they don’t know it’s a malicious file your still gaining access without permission just because they took it, as they didn’t explicitly say ‘hey yes u can install a malicious file’. Now, there is would be some plausible deniability if it was just on a real computer without you attempting to make them take it but your not doing that, you want them to take it and made it so there’s a chance so you are in the wrong in terms of the law.

But if it’s just there, I have nothing to do with it. It’s just sitting there and he takes it.

You pit it there though, it doesn’t just ‘be there’ someone would of had to put it there.

Yeah, but it’s just there. It’s like have money in my pocket. I put it there and it’s mine. When someone steals it, then they are the ones doing something illegal. Having a RAT file isn’t illegal. It’s fine if I have it on my computer.

Yes but accessing systems without permission is illegal, if someone takes something from your pocket then that isnt illegal depending on the item, if it was a gun you’d be on the wrong. Hey, even if your allowed to do it in your country and state if someone just takes it then you didnt properly secure your gun to make sure someone couldn’t take it, same with a rat. You wouldn’t leave a gun around, if your leaving a rat around for someone to take and they take it your also in the wrong as you didn’t make sure that no one who legally should have it on their system is the only one who has it.

Basically what I am trying to say is yeah having a rat file isnt illegal its what you do with it, if they take it yes its illegal.

If I have some sort of malware or virus that’s not a legal either and I’m not remotely accessing anything. They did this to themselves.

No. I’m pretty sure theft of any personal property is illegal.

I didn’t say it wasnt?