704-741-7500 - Student Loan Forgiveness Program

They’re back and accepting calls. Tell them Chorbi Rodriguez sent you. Also the lady answering the phone doesn’t liked to be called “queen”.

Number in different formatting for SEO purposes: 17047417500 , +17047417500 , +1 7047417500 , (704)741-7500


Students Loan Services LLC https://www.studentsloanservices.org/

They have a very bad rating on BBB, also for unsolicited calls: https://www.bbb.org/us/ca/santa-ana/profile/legal-document-help/student-loan-services-1126-172017935

Also answered the call as “National Student Helpcenter”.

They are very unfriendly, don't even greet or tell their names when picking up the call...
If they ask who's my current student loan provider... what should I answer? Can anyone give me valid examples so that I can proceed with the scambaiting?

Another thread about them: https://scammer.info/d/16491-student-loan-scam-call-center-conference-party/

There is a full list of Federal student loan providers at this link:


@NeeP#81367 Say Sallie Mae. Also you must say that you owe more than $10,000 in student debt (my go to is $43,000) or else they will say you don’t qualify. When they ask if you are making payments on your student loan debt and say ‘yes’ and tell them you pay roughly $500 a month (this keeps the call going smoothly and will keep them on the line longer). If they ever ask if your loans are private or federal, say they are federal. If you say private then they will just hang up on you.

@Darkpancreas#81376 @BootyGobbler#81407 thanks guys :slight_smile:

There’s a big thread for similar (or the same?) companies:


I’m crosslinking it here so you guys can jump between the threads and get both info

@NeeP#81479 I’ve hit up these guys too similar company but not quite the same.

The ‘receptionists’ I’ve been messing with for a month don’t seem to have a website and I’ve been that if I ever wanted to apply for a job there I would need to bring my paper CV to their office in New York. But ‘Phil’ yesterday assured me that my call floods will help me in the interview. :)

Either way all these ‘student loan services’ companies lie a lot and target the same victims who may not know that there’s nothing a private company can do to help them with their government school loans that they can’t do on their own for free on the DOE website. Many of these places if they manage to trick the victim into handing over their account info (i.e. FSA ID and Password), they’ll change their password, let the payments lapse, and sometimes sell their identity on the black market.

@Eviltaco799#81428 Still active today. I still do not know how these morons are still up and running.

@Eviltaco799#81696 time to set them off again :joy::joy::joy:

@Eviltaco799#81716 what?

@Eviltaco799#81727 a guy from me to punch myself in the face.

@Eviltaco799#81727 Phil called me ‘evil taco’ a few times after being connected to his coworkers. I’ve definitely never introduced myself to them by my username here.

The SIP they've been renting these DIDs from never contacted me back and still hasn't disconnected their other #s. It does blow my mind that some of these companies don't seem to care that their legitimate services are being used for fraud.

@urlaub14#81744 one guy called me a bitch from the start.

704-741-7500 is up again

I have tried to answer so many “loan providers” and even went down a list from google. Each time I get cut off. Its like some game ha

This scam is basically a criminal operation:


@Eviltaco799#81870 They seem to know Lenny really well…

Them: <sigggggggh> Oh god.

Lenny: "Sorry, ugh... I can barely hear you there?"


Their CNAM score on this phone number was already registered warm (likely scammer) to begin with, I raised it up to 100 (bona-fide scam). That will put a big dent in their hot leads on their outbound side.

Any ex-student with a modern phone that's got a call screener on it should notice it's a scam when they run their robodialer to do a campaign.

This number is now radioactive.

The number is super-radioactive now.

Oh what a surprise that this is a MagicJack number.

![image 2019-03-27-14-14-05png.png](upload://t5aRc4tRd3o7rkaMrITSNxa61mp.png)![image 2019-03-27-14-14-05png.png](upload://t5aRc4tRd3o7rkaMrITSNxa61mp.png)