Why's call flooding pointless most of the times

Hello everyone,
One of the various scambaiting styles is call flooding, and I personally believe it’s the least time consuming one, yet sometimes it can be the worst. Call flooding damage last no longer than a couple of minutes usually. When scammers receive loads of calls every minute, the easiest thing they can do is taking down the old number and assigning a new one and then continue sending calls and voicemails normally from the new number which is often inaccessible from different numbers resources such as robocalls blocking services, or only accessible when it’s too late. But without call flooding, the process of taking down a scam operation will take longer thus it’ll be much effective by either just wasting their time or gathering information about them.
The only time I believe call flooding would be effective is when someone can see what number scammers are using every time they change it and by so leaving no chance for any scam calls to be made or received


100% totally disagree. It takes time for them to generate a new number, and update all of their fake websites with the number so people call them.

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idk but watch How effective is Call Flooding against Scammers? - YouTube

I work with a team of people that specialize in shutting scammers numbers down. I won’t mention a lot of it’s features but here is some:

  • Call floods based on the amount of time a scammer picks up. ( Highly Complex Formula. )
  • Does a test call to see if the number is a scam.
  • Searches all over the internet to see if it is a scam, or if any other number is associated with it.
  • Automatically reports every single URL/Websites to the scammers carrier that it is associated with.
  • The settings for the software makes it so we don’t trigger any Telephone company incidents.
  • The software also checks periodically to make sure the numbers. or websites are officially down.

So basically, we hit the scammer in every single angle. ( Yeah we scambait too. )

  • Speaking of scambaiting, we have over 30+ files that are audio and the scammers fall for it each time, it’s beyond perfect. It took many years to have this software created, and it is very powerful if it was used in the wrong hands. One audio we have is scientifically proven to cause hearing damage within 5 seconds. ( I won’t mention how this is done. )

  • SIDE NOTE: we do have an audit once a year or so and we have full permission from every carrier to do what we do. We also have a look up carrier tool which is the only tool that is 100% accurate.

  • We have a lawyer if it is needed.

  • We also have a scammer that works with us and tells us a lot of important information.

  • The script is always being updated every single day to help combat scammers and to save people from being scammed. I am proud to say we brought over 800,000,000 USD yes ( 800 million USD ) back into the USA economy.

You are absoutely right!

  • They have to now get a new number.
  • They now have to re-create every popup they had. ( Based on the scam.)
  • All the calls they sent out are now useless because of victim(s) can no longer get through to them.
  • Based on the carriers and the methods, we cost the scammers 200-300 dollars a minute. (USD)
  • For the rest of their life they are financially ruined.
  • On rare occasions they get in legal trouble. ( This is rare but it does indeed happen. )
  • Their phone systems are literally broken. ( Hisses, Screeches, Crackles, Voice skips constantly etc. )

Let’s put it this way: We stop them completely in their tracks in every-single-angle.

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I didn’t know that getting a new number would take so much time that it would be a great hurdle in robocall scams such as ssa or refund. I thought honestly that it’s an instant or a semi-instant process.

And yes for pop-up scams changing the number is not enough since there are a lot of things which are dependent on these numbers that need to be modified such as pop-up websites but still they can be modified and the scam will be continued eventually.

The most important point I forgot to mention is that there’s a huge number of scambaiters hungry for calls and that number is still growing. So instead of robots calling the scammers, they can be replaced by real people which can intuitively cause more damage to scammers than robots in countless ways.

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Hey, you might be on to a great idea here! Replace dumb “bots” with real live people, kind of like a cross between scambaiting and callflooding… we could call it FloodBaiting! or BaitFlooding… you choose. That would be cool if someone could create something like that!!

Reporting a number is, in my opinion, the most important thing to do. I always report a number first, then I call it. People talk about taking down ONE number and the scammers move to another. Well, how about the fact that if you report that ONE number and the carrier acts, EVERY number on that account goes away when the entire account is banned…Oh, any pre-pay money is forfeit (and this is ALL prepay)

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Well said there friend!

This might be one of the best comments I’ve read thus far on this forum. This is a Wayne’s world moment, “We’re not worthy. We’re not worthy!” Thank you for doing this!!