Stop flooding numbers for the love of god

Personally I am not angry or offended at this thread you created, @PikaPikaGamer. I am bein’ sincere. Thanks for bringing it up with this thread. It never hurts to examine things and throw ideas around with each other.

I am not sure what you mean by “flooding” as you could mean code that runs and automatically robo-dials a phone number hundreds of times per minute or you could mean people that dial manually and repeatedly a phone number to harass criminals without trying to bait them.

There have been civil debates on this site about baiting versus harassing, and at least in some cases the debates were about manual harassment and not using code to robo dial and flood their phone number. This is not a new discussion. In a chat room of another site there has been the same discussions.

Here is a link to a different thread in this very site and you can click on the link to read the FULL thread:

One could argue that people who want to BAIT criminals are not going to want call flooding that is robo-dialing OR that is people manually calling repeatedly to harass the criminals.

It was not recently but I spoke with a user in a different website on the phone in the Mosh Pit and he is a GREAT scam baiter, both using a virtual machine when applicable and just verbally baiting them and stringing them along when a virtual machine is not applicable. I think this was last year or maybe even in 2020. He said it does make baiting harder but he said in his opinion it just helps a scam baiter improve and perfect his or her baiting.

Other scam baiters of course might disagree and wish that nobody harasses scammers manually and repeatedly OR by flooding their number with automated robo dialing. It can be harder to bait, with or without a virtual machine depending on the scam, if code is robo dialing/flooding a number OR if people are manually and repeatedly calling just to harass the criminals.

I suspect that there are reasonable arguments for and against to be honest with you.

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