What fake bank should I use for the refund scam?

Now that Northwatch is down, and that Bank Of America demo is $200, what can I use to bait refund scammers?

Here’s what I wrote in another thread yesterday:

There are some other options out there too. Google searching and digging around on github for “scambaiting bank” will turn up some options.

I literally have no idea how to set up a XAMPP server.

Honestly, at that point, messaging GimmeDaMoney#6969 on discord might be your best bet. It’s probably the easiest option, and it’s not a bad program.

That is not a valid discord account.

Shoot, he must have closed his account. Not sure how to get hold of him off discord.

Another option is at Norristown Union Bank There is a youtube tutorial on it if you google Norristown Union scambaiting Bank. Sadly, I haven’t found much better if you’re not able to learn a little web dev skillage.