(Updated) A brief notice regarding My Phone Support

UPDATE: While I still suggest you leave these guy alone, most of this message can be disregarded. FireRTC has confirmed they did NOT give them any sort of user information, the only thing they did was simply blacklist all of MPS’s phone numbers from their service (Which is still in affect). There have been no updates on the case since May 30th 2018, which was the last time a document was added to New York Supreme Court e-filing site regarding this matter and the current case status is listed as ‘Disposed’.

I still strongly encourage you to be careful if and when you decide to to call them.

Thank you

Many of you who have been a member of our Discord sever and/or website for a few months are probably aware of the previous (and still ongoing) issues we’ve had with the fake technical support company My Phone Support (subsidiary of Consumer Soft), and for those of you who don’t, I suggest you listen up. To quickly sum up the past events, ConsumerSoft issued a petition against Thunder (owner of this site), IceHook Systems (Parent company of FireRTC) and Discord to release all information about the users who were 'harassing' them. The case was originally filed on November 6th 2017, with the most recent documents being from May 30th 2018. Thunder is simply ignoring it, AFAIK Discord's charges were dropped, but we are not entirely sure about FireRTC's stance on this. Most people here and throughout the scambaiting community use FireRTC to make calls to all sorts of illegitimate businesses so they naturally hold a lot of information about the users who visit their site. While it seems that all of MPS's phone numbers have been blacklisted on FireRTC, If they so happened to comply with ConsumerSoft, things could get very bad for anyone who called them via their service previously. These warnings also pertain to any other VoIP/SIP providers, while none are currently involved in the case as of now, that could change qucikly. We do not know where this case is headed exactly, but their lawyer Wesley Mullen seems to be quite persistent and the last thing we want is for other scambaiters to get pulled into this mess. I am by no means saying cease all communications with this company, you may still do as you please of course, but for the above reasons, I highly suggest you take this into consideration and be very careful when/if you interact with My Phone Support.

Just to make things extremely clear, this is the company's website: http://www.myphonesupport.com/

Thank you


Do we know this is an actual lawyer? Who is he defending? There has to be a name. Also, it might be a good thing they are bringing attention to themselves. Why would people who are doing illegal things contact a lawyer? Testimonies of scammed people are all over the web, whats to stop these people from coming forward against this garbage company?

@KiloSierra#36701 Yes, they have an actual lawyer, crazy right? He is defending ConsumerSoft (Registered under the name of Joey Burskey in the US) and we’ve talked to him on a phone call before, he denies that his client is a scam, no matter what you tell him. His full name is Wesley M. Mullen and his website is http://www.mullenpc.com

@Norm_Harrison#36702 Ripoff Report | My Phone Support Review - Internet - My phone support

Did anything come from the class action lawsuit mentioned in this link that anyone is aware of? Im sure he has quite a bit of other user information that could be used here.

Im a dope. Says on the banner EU blocks this site. This is the comment:


Im filing a class action MyPhoneSupport aka consumersoft please send me details on what happened during your call to [email protected] I would appreciate your help!


Yeah, blocked in my country as well :-/

I have heard the image of myphonesupport but is their video evidence showing the tactics they have used. I searched youtube the earliest videos are 3 months ago… nothing recent

Hey guys, this is Keith from FireRTC. What @Norm_Harrison says is accurate. Someone posted the legal documents here before. There’s some interesting and hilarious stuff in them but unfortunately it is an actual legal case. We took a lot of heat from the community for blocking their numbers but it was definitely for everyone’s benefit. I’d be cautious about even saying anything about them because they read these forums and you never know how something you say can be construed.

@wpx#36716 not blocked for me but i live in egypt XD

This matter simply HAS to go to court. If a person is a scammer then all bets SHOULD be off and scambaiters SHOULD be free to hit them back as hard and as often as is deemed by the scambaiter.

The only way for all of us to be able to LEGALLY fight back is for some law to go onto the books that permits us to proceed without any fear of being sued.

I am exceptionally confident that in time we will have a legal precedence to proceed without fear of reprisal. It is only to the benefit of any government that we are allowed to do what we do. Millions of people scammed translates to hundreds of millions of dollars going off-shore instead of invested into the local economy.

Politicians focus on problems that affect the masses, but scammers affect EVERYONE! It's time politicians put the proper laws in the books that exclude scammers from harassment laws.

@keith#36967 We all love you, and your product, but all I know is that if I personally owned FireRTC there is no way in hell I would back down to ANY proven scammer. That's just me though. :-)

@ScamArrest#3704 I won’t state my reason as to why, but I do think the court would say no to this.

@NinjaKen#37049 In the unlikely event of a court case, it would be dropped and the lawyer will be disbarred. The petitioner (Joe Bursky) will go to jail for his scams. I think its alright to call them, but don’t publicly announce it on the fourms like Keith said, for now.

@TeriGr8#37050 Possibly yeah, not saying I’m against scammers in the first place I’m saying there’s a chance the court would say no. I’m neutral on this one tbh.

@NinjaKen#37056 @TeriGr8#37050 @keith#36967

JURY TRIAL: Get a few old ladies on the witness stand who tearfully explain how they were scammed of their money and the case would be a slam-dunk WIN. If I were pulled into the case I would have my attorney INSIST on a jury trial.

Dear Wesley Mullen,

I know you are here monitoring the forum. I personally want to thank you for hurting MPS far greater than any of us here. What is your hourly rate? ..... probably $300-$400 per hour?

My estimation is that you have received approximately $300,000+ in legal fees from MPS so far, on a case you know you cannot win. This is based on current and previous legal documents that I have reviewed regarding all the "time" and effort you have put into this.

And so with that I want to express my greatest admiration possible for the wonderful service you are providing us in the scambaiting community by hitting MPS with the greatest legal scam possible........ charging them exorbitant legal fees. GREAT WORK!!!!

Wesley, please keep up the good work and know that any trial that happens WILL be a jury trial along with crying witnesses on the witness stand. You will lose the case, but MPS will STILL have to pay you legal fees. Great work with the greatest scam ever AGAINST MPS!!!!!

Now, you might wonder who the hell I am. I am THE GUY who has brought down your phone systems on numerous occasions. I am also THE GUY who has made many posts here under many fake accounts about hitting MPS. I have read the current documents and all those copy/paste discussions are all ME!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Feel free to come after me. I am even willing to post on here my real name and contact information. All you have to do is create a REAL account and reply on here "I would like to know your real information." That's it! You don't have to sue anyone to get my info. I will provide it at no further cost to you. I am ready to fight this fight in court. I already have my attorneys secured. I have my witnesses all lined up. Ready for some fun?

Please create a real account and come on here and say that one sentence and all your mysteries will be revealed.

But if not, please know that we are all behind you in the greatest scambaiting effort against MPS so far: Taking massive legal fees from them on a case you KNOW you cannot win.

Wesley Mullen, you are the GREATEST scambaiter in the history of scambaiters. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Soon to be revealed person

A similar situation happened back in 2011 with the prank calling community.


@erikk77#37140 TIL that there’s a community on just using soundboards on scammers.

@readypembroke#37224 Really it was just a a community of pranksters calling anyone.

[“A brief notice about My Phone Support”,“A brief notice regarding My Phone Support”]