is an untrustworthy system riddled with scammers has a team of complete imbeciles.

They allow scammers to report legitimate reviews warning people of a scam to get them hidden, while keeping the reviews of victims they have scammed.

I have tried so many times to talk to them about this, but I have only been met with silence. I can only come to the conclusion that is ran by scammers or affiliated with scammers.

We currently have 3 negative 1 star reviews of on Trustpilot which are bogus. The oldest one is from 23rd March.


Trustpilot have done nothing since I reported it.. HOWEVER...

You can see the Trustpilot team THEMSELVES removed my review of MyPhoneSupport in LESS THAN 4 HOURS!

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It’s been like this for years. Sadly, it’s quite likely that TrustPilot has been bribed by these scammers. I was a bit surprised when they removed your review, per they have a team of “fully trained and professional” workers.

@thunder#141375 There was a case

Consumer Software International, Inc. - v. - ICEHOOK SYSTEMS LLC aka FireRTC did they actually shut them down not the sites but you know what I’m getting at

Document List

@krazydelta#141392 Yeah I know, they have my details in those documents lol.

Pretty sure FireRTC shut down cuz of people using it to call the police & swat people.

@thunder#141506 oh shit for real damn

Yeah, i’ve also made several MPS reviews. Most of the time they report my reviews within a day

The BBB should be held to a higher standard as well. They are the only mainstream media source regarding scams. Only Consumer Reports can be trusted, but their reach and scope is limited.

@thunder#141506 it was misuse of the service that lead to the site no longer accepting new user accounts .I did some research and spoke to members who used the service and took a look at the site thread in depth on issues the site was or had experienced ,If not mistaken it is still in use but if under the spotlight as of before then i believe it will be taken down completely due to legal issue.

Sadly there is lots of scammers taking advantage of Trustpilot & other services. Many scammer organisations are purchasing/writing there own reviews to make them seem legit.

Some websites you can buy reviews on:

Note! if these websites are legit or not I do not know.

The Wikipedia article on Trustpilot has details of misleading policies, favouring paying companies.

A complaint was made about Turner Little Limited at Trustpilot. When James Turner noticed it, he objected and it was then blurred. The complaint noted that the archive site can be used to read the many complaints about Turner Little at Ripoff Report. Granville John Turner was flung out of his job as a magistrate.

The Ripoff Report site is still being protected from attack, with protection being provided by Cloudflare.

As a result, it is not possible to read Ripoff report now. The archive site shows the original complaints about Turner Little limited. It has not been possible to read Ripoff report since March.

I think this going too far, we must build a community to stop this trash! If this goes too far, then the whole community of scammers will be bigger and we will lose our consciousness! We have to stop them by building a bigger community than! We have to associate with other big scammer hunters such as: @JimBrowning11 and others!

I have no idea why the hell the world is going to this situation, even in this pandemic, scamming is getting more and more! Now, we’re waiting to make our community bigger so we can fix this problem!

Trustpilot is a scam itself.

They are just some people who really but really try to make impression of worthless websites and services.

I saw many such tries.

Sometimes trustpilot allows businesses to create users and write fake reviews which give more stars to the whole service.


Stay away from it!

@thunder#141375 I agree. I think that letting businesses pay to only display good reviews to users is highly unethical and I don’t think it’s good business practice.

Personally, I know dozens of dozens of people in my life (part of which are immediate family members) who are scammed from hundreds to even thousands of dollars because scammers (of all different techniques, by the way - robocalls, crypto, pyramid/MLM) have a professional looking website and a Trustpilot page.

I do digital marketing and familiar with very many black hat techniques to circumvent any sort of parameters that help to protect people, especially consumer reviews. They have a very large impact on a brand and often help seal the deal on customer intent. Popular reviews platforms can be very easily manipulated. It doesn't matter if it's Yelp, Google My Business or Trustpilot - they can be manipulated.

i remmeber when cheapflightfares was in with trustpilot i would call agents at trustpilot everyday and show them all the fake reviews , while they were deleting the real reviews, trustpilot was getting paid alot from these guys they were on the front page of cheapflightfares site linked , they are more then untrustworthy , there setup jus to help foreign scammers, good thing people are waking up to fake reviews in general now

p.s whatever happened to the head mod markiemm i jus realized hes not on there on the staff list , i believe he was on here with thunder for years

Is this even allowed? Review the same company twice.

Rumor has it the site will be targeted for associating with ScamRat & allowing fake Reviews :balloon:

Rumor has it the site will be targeted for associating with ScamRat & allowing fake Reviews :balloon: