This number is hosting a product activation scam. The fraudsters will fraudulently advertise themselves on search engine platforms under the guise of Intuit’s TurboTax and deceive users into calling theirtoll-free number, allowing them to facilitate a standard technical support scam through the use of QuickAssist and TeamViewer. The fraudsters will claim the issue has to do with your network, which they claim is infected with csrss.exe (Client/Server Runtime Subsystem) and try to charge you $300-850 for a “technician” from iSecure Solutions, LLC. The fraudsters operate out of India as Web InfoTech, LLC and have previously impersonated Microsoft and Quickbooks. More information can be found at Web InfoTech, LLC, an Indian scam call center Jim Browning & Karl Rock shut down 4 years ago

888-248-9909 Saturday 2-10-24 3:53PM EST

Some of these guys answer as Web InfoTech or Web InToot (Intuit)