Tech Support Scammers

Tech Support Scammers: 1 (866) 278-2125

Called them,they stared abusing me and conected me with a person using voice changer,not sure if it was you.

Probably wasn’t @ParodyGordon#6930


@R34P3R @thunder Change tag to ‘Dead’

@FuelDaFlame#7041 no.

@thunder#7042 Lol savage.

Ouch @ParodyGordon#7051 @thunder#7042

made them dissconnect their num for a while, they’ll be back soon…

@Koko#7112 could u help me with ur rat program im using nano core or would u be able to link me a cypter pelase

free one @TeddyTR876#7133

They used my profile picture to leave a 5 star review on their website, someone found their images and is using them to leave 1 star reviews lol.

@MalcolmMerlyn#7231 Seems like something I would do if somebody did that to me lol

I kept calling them for a couple days and now the number is dead. RIP

Lmao I called them and it was the same guy as the video

Really? Must be a pretty small call center

Hello Malcolm Merlyn. Please stop labelling Indians as ‘scammers’. This is deemed as racism. The population of India is 1.3 billion. These scumbag scammers (Yippe Tech) don’t even make up 0.000000001%. Please remove the word ‘Indian’ from 90 of your YouTube video titles.

I am asking you in the next 72 hours to make a public video and set as a "What to watch next" video for 12 months to apologise for calling me a scammer and accusing me of syskeying your machine. I, a UK citizen have never scammed anyone nor have I used the syskey command. You falsely claim that I have done this to you when you have never given me any credentials to log in to your actual or virtual machine.

Also in the video, you must show that you donate £2000 or $3385.47 CAD from your Adsense and donations to the Islamic Relief UK charity or similar.

If you do not comply with these two requests then I will take actions to legally close down your YouTube account. You have annoyed the wrong person. This is not an empty threat!

Due to your past racism, I have got you (and other Youtubers) to cease from using the racial slur "dot head".
I took advantage of Deeveeaar and gained moderator status on YouTube and Discord and cause a mass ban havoc.
I took advantage of Nightmare on scam street and got to talk within your live stream.

If you, Deeveeaar, Kpt Kerosive or anyone else mocks my profile picture again or calls me a potato head or anything else that annoys me then your punishment will be a lot harsher.


“Islamic Relief UK charity or similar”


Fuck you, potato head.

@Nadim#7760 You are a fucking retarded potato head. Lol and your 5 star review on Yipee tech lol. Punish me baby