Tech Support Scam

888-334-5804 ask for the supervisor and don’t give a reason

More numbers by the same company:



First call, asked for a supervisor, instant hang up, hahaha




@Koko#4522 Awesome ?

@Koko#4522 Can and help but notice that you rat a lot of people. Just wondering what do u do with the scammers after you rat them?

@CrustyEyeBalls#4648 Same thing all of us do, transfer files, caches, logins, etc. Essentially attempt to recover as much information as possible, personally I render their computer unusable after I have the information I am seeking.

@R34P3R#4654 I might make a script that renders their computer to the point of each time they login they lose all their files and downloads are blocked.

Also Admin privileges are lost and no explorer and any wallpaper.

Any modification to the computer will render the computer unusable, or a long period of time will.

Unfortunately, It involves regedit and it requires Admin privileges.

@Jnteamed#4661 There is a way to boot with Admin privileges given you can force a restart.

Right now they insist on a call back, I’d suggest using Google Voice

Veronica Williams ext-2344

took me to

also gave number 888-389-7614

agent key: bdc9e1b4858aba65c40c728b66611e23


Mostly gathering their personal details and making their lives shittier.

@Koko#5220 how do you even RAT them they never run my ‘‘VisaPaymentWall’’

Hey Guys and Gals. The name and address to these scammers is (95% certain and if anyone can find another possible address, please reply):

ERD Infotech Private Limited
B-20 Pocket B, Okhla Phase 2
Okhla (OAK CALL LA) Industrial Area
New Delhi, Delhi 110020
+91 81305 96868-Mobile Phone

Companies in same building:

DreamSoft Infotech Pvt Ltd

I have been scambaiting these scammers for weeks for up to 12 hrs a day. There are two numbers: 888.309.6869 and 888.389.7614. On the Pop-ups, the gullible call the 6869 and once you are signed up, you call 7614. This number 7614, you need a customer ID Number and it is LT and any six numbers will do. Someone screwed up and actually told me it was LT and 6 numbers. I have called and used any 6 numbers and got past 'em and of course they wanted to connect remotely.

Their website is bogus (I just checked and it is shutdown after I mentioned it is a scam website a few weeks ago) and the address 187 E Warmspring Rd Ste B156 in Las Vegas is bogus (which was the address on that site). You will find yourself in the middle of a parking lot next to a Pub and Grill, which I mentioned.
I have been trying to confirm with them that the address in India Is correct and of course they will not. I will admit that the handler or Supervisor "CJ" confirmed it was, but he knows who I am and could be lying. I believe he might be using that mobile phone number +91 81305 96868. I don't think it is a coincidence that the last 4 numbers of mobile is 6868 and the call centers last four digits is 6869. I might call those stores in same building or around ERD and ask to confirm if it is a call center, but, that's for a later date.
It's funny, but once I start calling, they know I will be calling again, again and again, they put the 6869 number in busy mode for an hour or so. Which is great for those that are dubbed into calling that number and now can't get through. I have been reading about the latest bust of call centers in India and I might email to the reporters of this article:

There are other reporters of other newspapers that I might email in the future regarding this call center.

I just spoke with “Sam” regarding the website: and apparently, because of my suggestion, they have created another: He said it just went up last week. HAHAHA! The CEO and Vice are Indian. Go figure. Now located in UK at their expense. These guys crack me up! The fraud goes deeper and deeper into their financial security at the expanse of Americans.

I just called that number 855.328.7638 in UK and guess what, goes directly to the call center In India and I spoke with Tianna, who has spoken with me hundreds of times. She still confirms that they are located in Las Vegas, not realizing that the site was shutdown. So funny!

@mihaimoldovan#5237 Trial and error, sometimes they fall for it, sometimes they don’t.

@R34P3R#4669 Using the sticky-key method?

@FuelDaFlame#6164 Not often

The only time I ever use recovery tricks is when I need to disable anti-virus on my parent’s computer which I don’t know the admin password to lol @R34P3R#6169 (I know the password now because I put a keylogger on the computer after I disabled anti-virus)