Tech Support Scam

Using a parent’s computers? That is bad because personal info is on their computer and can risk losing it.

I only use a parent’s computer is teamviewer and that is it. Teamviewer into my own because my own is a server.

Windows server 2012 - How the * do you use active directory and domain? And set up users?

I don’t use my parent’s computer for anything that I do that involves programming or illegal activity.@Jnteamed#6182

I do everything on my own computers. I have a raspberry pi, 3 laptops, and a desktop of my own. @Jnteamed#6182

@FuelDaFlame#6189 Why do you need to do recovery tricks and install a keylogger?

To learn the admin password

In case I have some beef with my parents one day I can also access their password database. But mostly just to know the admin password. @Jnteamed#6194


Unfortunately, the scammers have read my previous posts and will most likely read this one.

It is amazing to what extent they will go, searching my name and reading all sites regarding scammers. They will go to any extreme to continue their criminal activities.

I’m 100%, the guys in “tech” are reading this and all I have to say is, “good-bye”. I have gone as far as I can go. There are other scammer sites to call again, and again, and again.

I will miss all you guys in “tech”, including “Karen”, “Sara”, “Tianna”, and “Jenny” and I apologize to all the other fake names I forgot to mention. I won’t be using the my scambaiting name in a post. Lesson learned.