SupportHello - The New big 24/7 Scammers on the block


1-855-204-9266 (newest)

The person behind this is Rohin Bhatia, his Linkedin profile.

the big dog on the block , open 24 7

note : if the number doesn’t dial or doenst work correctly means too many scam baiters are calling, try in a hour or 2

There replying as premium technical services now lmao looks like there changing companies again

Thanks. I’m gonna make his scamming days as stressful as possible. The more stressed and demoralized they are, the less they can steal.

They pick up often. They are open about their thievery.,

@newtondial#77702 I love it when a new idiot decides to do a 24/7 scam operation. There’s a lot of hungry scambaiters during evening off-peak hours

Lately their Japanese scam intake is nearly 50% of overall scam. They have local ads inNew Delhi for folks with Japanese language proficiency.

They are known by these names:


Tilak Nagar, New Delhi (west Delhi)

1 866-982-7276




More than 50% scammers speak Punjabi



Thanks guys. I knew someone was rippping apart the numbers I post. They don't even pick up as of now but I'll wait a few hours. This is a big operation. Thanks to Dr wat i I can always count on u ..I will hit the alternative numbers now. And will post results. Thanks guys. The world needs u this moment.

Hate this site sometimes. Lmao. I was ready to hit them for 7 hours …all numbers dead. And main number doesn’t pick up. They operated for months with immunityand did it in the open thru jus one main 24 7 number I posted. I will make sure they never pick up. RIP. Scammer//info changing the game


Are we doing something wrong or was that sarcasm? I'm not tryin' to fuck your shit up. I'm just aiming at their phonelines. I wanna be helpful.

I hit them really hard yesterday and all through the night. About 60,000 calls that were answered according to the CDRs. Stopped this morning but let me know if I need to go at them again.

@czar_alex#77925 sarcasm lol …I love this place. BTW the main number jus came back . Wtf

theres like 2 people there , and there new loll

opening shift lil shaken

i call this fags 2 times seems they not answering

big operation but someone is hitting them hard at peak hours, it jus plays the hold music lolllll

…there back and with a new menu for us

Someone been hitting .thembad today. They jus pick up with no one talking phase

@newtondial#79010 I am from India, I recently call flooded them. Now, given their stupidity, I’m trying to bug in a RAT, hopefully to cause enough damage to make them quit. Also I’ll need some help, If I’m possible to gain records of people whom they’ve scammed I need some people from america to help them out.