SupportHello - The New big 24/7 Scammers on the block

I researched and found Rohin’s facebook… Ladies and gentlemen, we got him

Someone made a scam baiting video

@myjackcity @drwat#77740

It's late and I'm bored. Time to fix my computer :D

1-888-495-6142 seems to be the only one up right now… the other 3 are down.

I think they turn them all on when all the employees are present.

These guys love me.

Alot of new people on the peak shift right now. Wow this site destroying them…main number I posted is working …we need to destroy these people

…there back and with a bigger staff for us

The dude who supported me was pretty nice but I didn’t have a subscription with them

there all nice because there trying to install a back door on ur computer and string u along for years…they dont even answer and say support hello , when all they say is premium tech support …what company is this??..“premium tech support sir” lmao its obvious

there hiring new people every day for us lmaoo

1 hour later after post my comment, there all dead wtf u people do to them lolll

@newtondial#80054 yup lol

the guys tried to take me to the proper authorities i feel so bad for them lmao

there pissed

There picking up and not saying anything now and sometimes when I call they hang up instantly.

the 888 number is still up

woke up and ready for there night crew

@newtondial#80113 i think they need a tsunami

@newtondial#80113 Oh I think they’re having some problems…