SSA Scammers - 2/8/2021 - Monday

443-992-4657 - Scambitch

(803) 806-7165 - Runs away like a bitch

(210) 866-9881 - Foul mouth Scambitch!

(435) 248-0316

(332) 228-3823

(346) 378-1361 - Foul mouth Scambitch!

ADD: (413) 425-9076. Call em often! Islamabad caller.

ADD: (720) 279-7698 SSA

@MQ9#177538 435 248 0316 does not like the english :wink:

443-992-4657 -Nasty Sam Wilson

(435) 248-0316 Alice trolls … Catherine Sydney 839988badge case dc7010 classic … last 4… zip code … name last 4 zip code …

@DnBKiwi86#177545 435 248 0316: Got scammer on Feb. 8 around 12:07 p.m. EST.

@DnBKiwi86#177545 Roger David talking to what he thought was a 72 year old woman. Creep.

@Draco#177549 @josephnormandgrinnell#177550 @drwat#177548 @DnBKiwi86#177545 @MQ9#177541 Talking to Catherine Sydney now. What a snooty little witch femscammer. Sent me to Michael D. Robinson. Pretended to be a senile old lady. He kept saying he wanted to marry me. He really thought I was for real. He kept saying he was Michael Jackson and asking me if I had any money. Hell, I could not remember how old I was or what day it was. He also said he wanted to F me. He talked to my nurse and told him to suck his dick. I wish I had recorded it but it was on my burner.

@Draco#177549 (435) 248-0316 : Got scammer on Feb. 8 around 12:10 p.m. EST. He dropped the F-Bomb.

@JusticeinTexas#177552 Pouned him harder than the neiborhood pounds his mother!

@JusticeinTexas#177553 I said the south border is Arkansas… that where the car was found … she agreed … I said u never look at a map in your life **click :sweat_smile::joy:

@JusticeinTexas#177553 RIP/DEAD - She must have choked on it!

(346) 378-1361trolling Alice here :eggplant::joy:… Amanda Thompson badge Fx0212 case dc9857… Warrant # 00695941 …

@josephnormandgrinnell#177554 hey Joe :joy:

@josephnormandgrinnell#177554 Here is the recording of the scammer dropping the F-Bomb at 435-248-0316:

346) 378-1361… calling over and over why did u mother raise u with NO morals??? *click

(346) 378-1360 add 1365

ADD: (580) 733-2318. Foul mouth idiot!

ADD: (857) 273-1566. SAME aging Scambitch!