SSA Scammers - 2/8/2021 - Monday

ADD: (206) 385-0284. Scammer “Robert Wilson” EASY Targer - real dumb ass!

@MQ9#177574 About (206) 385-0284.

Vulgar Gujarati scammer has some fixation on bra size

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    large scam operations

  • ADD: (803) 806-7540. Active. Caller is a dumb shit - cant decide if SSA or DEA!

    @MQ9#177538 about (435) 248-0316 “Kevin Huse” complains that I call too often.

    The junior was Albert Wilson badge 479606

    (803) 806-7540. UPDATE Caller, previously identified as a dumb shit is now a DEAD dumb shit. DEAD/RIP

    (413) 425-9076 Still active. Hit em hard!

    @josephnormandgrinnell#177554 Kevin Huse Arrest threat:

    Cause: Too many calls by me using alias

    @drwat#177591 About (206) 385-0284. Robocall says the crime scene Washington D.C. but scammer Mark Henry says state of Washington

    About (206) 385-0284.