SSA SCAM CONFERENCE (202) 860-2054 (657) 286-0352 (562) 732-4984 and more

Ok, just got off several epic conference calls with the exalted Social Security Administration. Here is the background:

The day started with some lazy scammers that did not want to stay on the call while I drove around for them. To punish them, I decided to use a second textnow number and call another center, and see if I could get them to fight for my secure funds. Little did I know this would lead to a 4 hour conference call with at least 3 different call centers.

I will post the recording below after some practical edits. It started with the lazy scammers, lets call them Call Center A. After I got to the bank, I called Center B, looking to talk to officer Robert Williams (random name, but one used by scammers). Miraculously, the Robert Williams I was pretending to look for showed up. In addition, his colleague from the DEA, Center B, officer Steven Miller, got on the same line as him. The 2 of them started arguing back and forth with the original scammer from Call Center A. After about 10 calls joining and leaving the fake conference, call center A called it quits.

So, we continued the journey, this time with the 2 officers from B. By this time, we got the 4 Target Cards from Walmart, and I started to read out the numbers. I kept hanging up on the B guys as we were reading out the numbers, and I pretended I got more calls from other "SSA" offices, while in actuality, I was putting out calls using my second textnow.

Eventually, officer Dominic Sanchez from call center C got hooked on, and he started having a good fight with the 2 officers from center B. Eventually, both sides suffered from attrition and decided to surrender, after about 40 minutes of back and forth about who is the impostor and who is the scammer. Officer Dominic called it quits first, but 1min later, Steven Miller and Robert Williams decided to continue tomorrow as well.

Recording coming tonight!

Hold on, Officer Dominic just called. Lets see how late he can stay

Still on. Recording coming a bit later tonight

@vadim#166988 Still on, lolz

Eager to hear more

I think the saga of Officer Dominic Sanchez is done for tonight.

We started at the "McDonalds" I went to after finishing up the conference call earlier this morning/afternoon. I then proceeded to spend the next 8 hours going to the bank near Fairbanks, Alaska, retrieving 10k from my savings to secure it, driving to the CVS only to find it closed due to COVID infection, then to drive in the opposite direction to the Walgreens that was ONLY 45min away (but using time dilation tactics it turned into 1.5hrs) to finally purchase 1 Target card.
Sadly, it turns out Victor VonDum (my character), forgot his reading glasses in the mcdonalds. So brilliant officer Dominic suggests I go ask random people on the street, while its raining at night in alaska. After a few minutes, he decides its better for me to go back inside the walgreens and ask the cashier to read out the card numbers. Brilliant!
Of course, I proceed to loudly ask the imaginary cashier that "I need you to read the card numbers for the Social Security Officer on the phone here with me!!!"
The imaginary cashier replies that he is a scammer, where I loudly counter "That is impossible! The officer has been on the phone with me for the past 5 hours, he is helping me out!"

I proceed to walk back to my car, where officer Dominic finally agrees with me I should drive back home and get my second pair of reading glasses from my desk. However, we first try to get more cards, so we can secure the funds faster. I walk back into the store. Sadly, the mean imaginary cashier lady declines, claiming I am getting scammed. I again insist "ITS IMPOSSIBLE!!!" and I walk out.

We drive back to my house 10 minutes away, but because of course there was an avalanche blocking the main road, I have to take a forrest road that makes the short trip 45min.

We get into my house, where I turn on the computer in order for me to send him the picture of the driving license he requested previously. As I start reading out the back of the card to him, I loudly notice how the card can be redeemed on You can figure out the rest from here. He rages mildly and starts calling me names, but instead I act polite and start congratulating him for his hard work and dedication, staying up until 10:10PM PST time.

He hangs up, then calls me back a minute or so later to cuss me out and threaten arrest. I mollify him and instead suggest we read out all the 5 target cards I bought today. (1 for him, 4 for Steven Miller and Robert Williams). We get to the 3rd card, upon which I ask him for his office address (So I can send him a commendation letter to his superior officer to congratulate him on his above and beyond work and dedication) , upon which he immediately hangs up, ending the saga of Officer Dominic Sanchez. I will be eternally grateful for officers with dedication like his!
(Our final message, sent at 1013PM PST)

Recording coming! Gotta edit like 10hrs of audio.

Audio edited, exporting and uploading rn.

Yay I listen too it when its ready :joy:

OK, here we go:

Start of call, lazy scammers don’t want to wait for me on the phone while I drive my Jetta to the government institutions:

Conference SAGA Part 0: Start with lazy scammers | Vadim Tudor | Listen on

The Scammers join conference. This part is not that entertaining as they take turns hiding and not talking, in the hope they can steal the card numbers from the other scammer talking.

This is the second part of the initial conference. The scammers are no longer quiet and instead start sabotaging each other.

Officer Dominic Sanchez shows up, ensuing in the most entertaining SSA conference I've had so far:

The fight petered out:

Steven Miller and Williams quit after Dominic hangs up.

====/End of Conferencing=====

====Start of the Quest of Dominic====
Dominic calls back after an hour or so, realizing what a juicy scammer target I am. We run through the scam setup together.

After a long drive, we reach the bank!

After another arduous drive, we reach the CVS governemnt certifried store. However, the wirus has struck again, and the CVS is closed. Who could have seen that coming?! Guess what else nobody can see coming: Another long and slow drive to the next government certifried store!

Our long and slow drive to the Walgreens store is further delayed by an avalanche that blocks the main road. Who could have seen another delay pop up?!
We now have to take a forrest road, and keep Dominic in his boiler room for at least 30 more minutes.

After pandemics, avalanches and Alaskan wilderness, we finally reach the government certifried store and get Dominic his Target Gift Card

The Trials of Dominic continue as Victor VonDum (me), lost his reading glasses and cannot get our hero the Target Gift Card Security Voucher Safety Locker Number. Will Dominic ever verify the funds?! Stick around and find out!

Absent my reading glasses, Dominic decides I should ask the cashier to read the card numbers so I can verify my funds to the Social Security Administration. What could go wrong?!

Dominic is rewarded with another long and slow drive through Alaska as I make my way home to my 2nd pair of reading glasses. Lucky him!

The journey ends as I get home, get my reading glasses, turn on my computer to email him the picture of my driver's license. As I start reading off the back of the card, I notice the instructions to redeem it myself. What a wonderful way to reward Dominic for his time and effort! I will save him some work! He seems a bit confused and enraged, but I thank him for his work.

The highlight for today is definitely Part 3 of the Conference SAGA.

Officer Dominic Sanchez shows up, ensuing in the most entertaining SSA conference I've had so far. Officer Miller invokes everything, from Jesus to protecting America just so he can get me to hang up on Dominic. I on the other hand, think we (Steven, Dominic, Robert and I) should all work together to figure this out and find the impostors!!!
Also revealed in the audio below: I am not a Roman Catholic!

Trolling 562 :joy::laughing:wants full SS

Ok they are ALL quick to block #

. number changer numbers and wants full SS


562) 732-4984 were the lazy scammers. Even if you pass their tests, they will tell you to call them back after you get to the bank and withdraw the funds. They have little patience. That’s why I rewarded them with a conference.

Ok trolling it :joy:want full SS 562

The SAGA continues. On w/ Dominic, going to 711

I think this is the end of the saga. I reached the 711, could not find nike shoe cards. Dominic asked me to talk to storekeeper to get ZIP. Storekeeper told me its a scam, and dominic quit

@vadim#167016 I am still listening and enjoying your audios. I sent a ink to (904) 606-3302 a number I heard in your audio.

Surprised to see the scammer i sup in the Himalayas foot hills, state of Jammu

First time I witnessed a scammer from Jammu (next to Kashmir)

IP Address

Country India, Jammu

Browser Chrome Mobile (86.0.4240.185)

Operating System Android 11

User Agent Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 11; IN2021) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/86.0.4240.185 Mobile Safari/537.36

Referring URL no referrer

Host Name

ISP Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited

@vadim#167017 One scammer says in Hindi. “That guy is a scammer . He is Bahiyaa from the state of Uttar Pradesh.” Bhaiyaa is a derogatory term for men from Uttar Prades.

The other scammer says in Hindi to the other scammer "Hang up the phone or we will cut your mom!"

@vadim#167017 One scammer (Domonic Spencer) says to the other “Hey this is Diwali festival time, Tell the truth. You did cash four cards, right, from this old man?”

Old man LOL

BTW tomorrow Nov 14th is Diwali festival. It is the biggest Hindu festival day. No scamming (lucky for us)

@vadim#167149 Which of the three numbers belongs to "Domonic Spencer

(202) 860-2054 (657) 286-0352 (562) 732-4984
Hear him in Little Peace's 2 months old video about the same Domonic Spencer