Social security scam 6305810854

this is a social security call back scam 6305810854


@HighTh0ughtss#147150 Verified at 1441 CT USA. Nasty little femscammer. Thanks for the number.

wont be up much longer just reported to scamblaster

For this one had to hoard with text free which is lame messed with buttons while in call with the autoattended thing … When says call can’t push buttons but when it says dialing u can … I noticed they change extension number midstride to either 101# or 7464# or 1000# or 1002# … Thinking won’t get thru … But I ALWAYS do … can’t figure out "PIN NUMBER " tho :joy::laughing:

I talked to someone on July 1, 2020 around 5-something p.m. EST.

Mike Litoris is now driving for these bois. Only 50min to the bank.

!!! STILL ON :))

Nah not me went voice mail stayed in calling couldn’t loop

@Draco#147266 They closed the main line. 1-2 guys left in office. Still on, recording it all

@vadim#147268 whaaat no way … I wanna hear it :laughing::joy:


@vadim#147268. I called at 8 49 PST rings then says welcome VM 7464 not available to take call right now goodbye no loop no pin number hit bunch of buttons nothin .. It's ok always tomorrow😄

@Draco#147266 Ok, I think its done, they kinda gave up after trying to get me to buy Best Buy cards from Walgreens, but I kept telling them I’m not at the Best Buy, I am at Walgreens. Then they went for OneVanilla, and I told them I have diabetes, so I cannot buy any chocolate.

@Draco#147272 Ok, now I have a 10.5hr recording of 2 SSA chods today. I will post the ending of today’s call, as 90% of the 10hrs are just driving sounds and or music. Hang tight, posting up in 30min or so.

Ok, here we go, found another host after Chirbit gives me 500 server error.

To my embarrassment, I put the mic a bit too far away from the speaker about 1/4 throught the convo, but its still audible.

I realized about 3 hours ago these 2 scammers I dealt with were the same that dealt with Adam West back a while ago, you can find it on my Chirbit account. They raged quite a bit.

Another funny bit. 2 hours before the posted clip above, they tried to get me to navigate to a Target store from my 99756 zip code. Guess what, it seems there are no real target stores in the middle of Alaskan wilderness, so that leaves space for me to just make up a few :)). After driving with them for the better part of 5 hours, and having the Walgreens argument, I didn’t buy any cards, they gave up.

Last point. After 7PM PST, I thought only one of them was left in the office. In the Walgreens argument, the other bakrichod spoke up. It seems I kept 2 of them in the office until 9:30PM PST :))

Last last point. About the time when they tried pushing to get me to buy OneVanilla MasterCard, I induced coughing, as I was almost laughing uncontrollably.

Last last last edit: The same 2 mental midgets are also stars in:

Final edit for tonight: I adjusted the volumes of the bakrichods using audacity so its more headphone friendly.

Mike Litoris vs Bakrichods Adjusted volume-02 | Vadim Tudor | Listen on

@vadim#147284 Omg this is to much :joy::laughing:

@Draco#147298 Ya, listen to the adjusted one I posted last, it is GOLD :slight_smile: