Social security scam 6305810854

thanks mate ,gave me some enjoyment

Vlad you live in Manly hot springs , maybe get a dog sled to tanana then float plane to fairbanks


I love this zip code, as it allows me to pretty much keep them listening to my “driving” the whole day. Some other, slightly less educated keyboard monkeys asked me to seriously drive to a Target store in Spokane, WA, all the way from Alaska… Needless to say, I did not complain, and kept them on for 3 more hours.

@vadim#147661 you will need sound effects for the ferry next get a barge maybe

@ATOhelpline#147695 Its all on youtube. All my sounds are from youtube videos. I keep several tabs open, Its easy to fade them in/turn them on and off at will.

@vadim#147281 when I get chirbit error, I try soundcloud. chribit error seems togo away the next day

@ATOhelpline#147695 and do not forget the fog horn

@vadim#147281 You are excellent. You have zero tolerance for chocolates. In my case I have zero tolerance for the scammers.

@drwat#148021 I think this is the best meltdown I got from SSA chods so far. They both stayed 4 hours over their normal schedule only to get Zero Vanilla. Next time I’ll place the mic closer to the speaker so you guys can hear the conversation properly :slight_smile: