Sextortion Scam

Here is an interesting “new” twist on the “sextortion” scam , Basically it follows the usual line of some young girl interested in you on Whatsapp with the usual fake pics etc etc etc and the usual far to forward for any “real” woman … I played along with it for a couple of weeks and of course had the usual requests for “dick pics” “video calls” etc etc , of course I kept changing the subject and never suppling them. They then followed the usual pattern of trying to arrange a meet which again I played along with , here is the new twist having nothing on me in the form of pics etc etc they then try the “my boyfriend has found out about us and has kicked me out I need money now or I will have to come and live with you” … this will be followed up by a “husband” ringing to say how upset he is that his wife has been cheating on him with you… anyone else seen this one yet???. What surprised me is the so called husband is actual English and seems to hold a good command of english and could possibly be in the UK which massively puts them at risk of being caught and traced.

OK Update … The scammer is now messaging what he thinks is my wife !!! being all nice and saying how upset he is that I am a cheater … I am not sure where he is going with this has anyone seen this one yet??? …


I think its similar to this scam: