Selected Longrunning Magicjack Numbers

Magicjack is a VoIP service provided by YMAX Corporation and is available either via a device that can be plugged into a computer or more recently, via a mobile application. The DeMurrage group that reports about 5000 numbers a month to carriers for various scams has been tracking this carrier and their response to fraud complaints for over a year now. This group consider Magicjack to be a responsible provider but is creating this thread to bring the following issues to the public’s knowledge:

  1. Magicjack does not enforce any KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations, members of this group have been able to purchase and use Magicjacks’ services via its app without any valid name, billing address or ID. These members have bought a US number with unlimited outgoing minutes for approximately 3.5 USD a month without a valid US residential and billing address or a US payment method. Magicjack offers payments in local currency via Google Pay.
  2. Abuse reports: Unlike many other providers, Magicjacks’ abuse teams do not work on the weekend. In addition to this, DeMurrage members have observed that the response varies and a reported number maybe terminated within hours or may remain active for weeks. In some cases (examples below), Magicjack representatives have responded that a number has been terminated only to be found to be active when tested by various members of the group.

This topic will be updated with Magicjack numbers that have been found by members of the DeMurrage team and other members of the scambaiting community and meet some pre-defined conditions. Ome of these conditions are the number was reported by the DeMurrage team more than 1 day ago (Previous Friday in case of Monday updates) and have not yet been terminated by Magicjack.

We will start off the post with a list of currently active numbers that were reported over the month of April 2024

Date Reported Number Scam
4/2/2024 7076667003 Norton Refund Scam
4/8/2024 8314353873 Amazon Refund Scam
4/9/2024 8455149164 Instagram Impersonators
4/10/2024 4434379003 Crypto Refund Scam
4/12/2024 3472018598 Amazon Refund Scam
4/15/2024 8314353873 Amazon Refund Scam
4/16/2024 8186277409 GeekSquad Refund Scam
4/28/2024 4083006496 Microsoft Popup
4/30/2024 9099995074 BBB

While some of these numbers may not work since we have noticed that numbers get ditched bu scammers when they’re posted on this forum…Magicjack continues to not take action on multiple reports regarding the same numbers. As of May 6th 2024, the following numbers are still active (though maybe not actively scamming)

7076667003 goes to voicemail that is full
8314353873 “ther person at extension 0 is not available”. Nok Magicjack voicemail.
8455149164 non Magicjack voicemail. Same as above
4434379003 please press 1 and wait for beep. Then instant hangup.
3472018598 ringing
8186277409 no inbound calls, we have seen this before used as a technique to prevent being taken down. Magicjack takes a while tk take such numbers down.
4083006496 goes to Magicjack voicemail but it has been filled.
9099995074 voicemail

Some members of our team have also noticed that replies from Magicjack abuse email have recently started going to spam. If anyone is reporting Magicjack numbers, please check your spam for replies.

Reported Date Number Scam
5/1/2024 6619984865 Crypto
5/1/2024 4752019401 Crypto
5/4/2024 9099995074 Generic Support
5/4/2024 7273223809 Microsoft
5/4/2024 7192978209 Crypto

6619984865, 4752019401 & 7192978209 answering, potentially the same operation
9099995074 no inbound service
7273223809 Weird music voicemail welcome message


Here’s another example of Magic Jack’s erratic and inconsistent response record. The number: 213-283-6534 is being used for a McAfee refund scam. The number was reported today, May 6, 2024. Magic Jack responded to the abuse report and claims to have taken the number down yet it is still live, with the scammer still answering at the time of this writing.

We don’t know why Magic Jack does this. Either they don’t actually check the numbers themselves, or the scammers are doing something else that prohibits magic jack from fully taking these numbers down without the person who has filed the complaint having to tell Magic Jack that the number is still live.

This is not the first time this has happened. It’s happened many time over. Sometimes it may take days for Magic Jack to follow up on cases like this one. And sometimes, they don’t respond at all but the number is still taken down. This needs to be addressed and fixed as soon as possible.

Also, sometimes Magic Jack will respond on the same day but many other times, they’ll respond either a day later or 5 to 6 days later. This is unacceptable.

Screenshot 2024-05-06 163007

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May 7th 2024 update:

  • The following numbers have been terminated following a repeated report on May 6th
    • 3472018598
    • 7076667003
  • The following numbers that seem to be forwarding their Magicjack number to some other system continue to be running despite a repeated report and Magicjack replying that they have been terminated. This issue with numbers that seem to be forwarding to another DID or system has been observed to hamper Magicjacks’ ability to terminate or verify

Note: I would like to clarify that Magicjack is a responsible carrier and they do terminate most numbers very efficiently. Over the month of April 2024, the DeMurrage group tracked 83 Magicjack numbers and we only had issues getting 10 of them terminated. This is much better than other carriers that are being reported in this category but the big issue with Magicjack is their vastly varying response time and the occasionally marking a number as terminated without actually verifying.


7th May 2024 update:

  • 6619984865, 4752019401 reported on May 1st are still in service but were busy with no voicemail when tested. This is a new phenomena that has been observed with Magicjack numbers since this thread was started. Scammers maybe watching this and ditching numbers.
  • 9099995074 and 7273223980 both reported on May 4th (Saturday) are now disconnected. This is a good response since Magicjack is known to take the weekends off, so they responded to these numbers within 1 working day.
  • 7192978209 reported on May 4th is still in service but was busy with no voicemail when tested.
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May 9th update:

  • 6619984865 reported on May 1st has now been disconnected
  • 4752019401 and 7192978209 continue to remain in service but are always busy with no Voicemail or any other message as seen with most Magicjack numbers.
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408-550-9004: Was reported 3 days ago as an Arlo camera support scam. Was told by Magic Jack that the number has been suspended. It is still live and being answered. The scammers are blocking numbers.

213-283-6534: Was reported 3 days ago as a McAfee support scam. Was told by Magic Jack that the number has been suspended. It is still live and answering by an angry scammer in India. Still no update by Magic Jack on the status of this report after 3 days.



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803-400-3481: Was reported 2 days ago on May 8, 2024 as an Arlo camera support scam. Magic Jack responded today, May 10, 2024 and claimed that the number has been suspended. It is still live 2 days later despite Magic Jack’s claims.

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After 7 days and a few follow ups, Magic Jack has finally identified the account associated with 408-550-9004 The number has been disconnected for fraud on May 14, 2024.


After 8 days and repeated follow ups on my behalf, 213-283-6534 has finally been suspended for fraud by Magic Jack.

I’d like to reiterate the OP’s original comments about Magic Jack being a reliable carrier but they can be extremely inconsistent when it comes to handling fraud reports. More cases of such activities and response time will be posted on this thread when they become available.

The community hopes that Magic Jack will improve their response time in the future as their service is regularly abused by scammers.