Scammers arrested, over $8 million seized from MET owner Kunal Gupta

Earlier today, I was notified about the arrests of two scammers currently listed on the Wall of Shame. Their respective pages have been updated accordingly, but I will offer a brief explanation for each arrest:

ARREST 1: Richard Zeitlin

  • Zeitlin is the owner of American Technology Services, LLC DBA Unlimited Tech Support, Unified Data Services, LLC DBA Cloud Data Services, Compliance Consultants, LLC DBA American PCI Services and Wired 4 Data, LLC. All of these companies were largely funded through fraudulent police/veterans political action committees (PACs).
  • Zeitlin was arrested by federal authorities in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 17, 2023 for using his telemarketing call center business to defraud donors by providing false or misleading information about how their money would be spent. Zeitlin will go on trial in the Southern District of New York on charges of wire fraud, the conspiracy to commit wire fraud, obstruction of justice and the conspiracy to obstruct justice at 2:30PM EST on September 14, 2023.

ARREST 2: Kunal Gupta

  • After attempting to flee to different parts of the country, as well as the United Arab Emirates, Gupta was arrested on August 26, 2023 without bail.

MAJOR UPDATE: All of Gupta’s assets were seized in the money laundering case, including

  • 35 bank accounts
  • 14 cars
  • 12 properties (including a resort, 10 commercial offices and residences in Kolkata and Bangalore.)

The assets were valued at 67.2 crore, or over $8 million