SEIZED, @ScammerBlaster arrested

I believe the American people are used to supplement foreign nations with the blessing of our government through many if not most overseas scams. Dems and Reps in Congress sit on their asses doing insider trading and sending our hard earned money to foreign governments while profiteering off being in office. Little to nothing is done apparently because we don’t want to upset our ‘friends’ overseas. It’s like going to war, training the enemy and giving them your best equipment… But the US government has already done that too…multiple times


If they would stop the partisan crap they could focus more on everything that needs attention. Most people are gullible thinking that the government is out to help us all in some way or are our advocates when in reality its few and far in between that anyone that wants to make a real difference is elected. Thus they are pissing on the proverbial forest fire when it comes to thwarting these scammer syndicates. :frowning:


@ScammerBlaster was recently fined $116.2 million for illegal robocalls to toll-free numbers.


A huge fine yet our government does basically nothing to stop foreign PoS scammers.


Most of our politicians go into office with the hopes of making change. After a short time in office they are doing insider trading and screwing the rest of America.


You guys dont have free speech anymore. The internet censorship is wild and in all the wrong areas


His twitter says the following: “Various agencies involved in fraud shut me down with outrageous lies and used the FBI as a weapon to seize my operation and silence me. Stay tuned!”