Scammer info app

I am thinking to build an app for

The features would include-

1.Live Chat

*An e mobile platform would still be there.

2.Regularly updated phone numbers with a status bar that would tell whether the number is up or down.

3.SIP Call integration and caller spoofing with the he lp of which you could place calls and spoof your number within the app.

4.InApp recording

5.Option for posting directly to YouTube.

6.Paid Members are -With a fees of 5 dollars/year the customers will get exclusive no.s ,recordings,live scam baiting option and pretty much everything.

So what’s your take on this guys?Should I commence the development?

Sounds good.

@ParodyGordon#5968 that would be pretty nice :wink:

OK on it now.

@ParodyGordon#5968 I would offer that you integarte FireRTC for sip calling, it’s free, easy, and already works well on mobile.

I can also build a executable to go directly to on kiosk mode so it would look more like a app then a website. I am also going to work on a new forum design so it would look like windows 7. And icons on the desktop that link to scammer"s numbers.

So an app on android, iPhone, Amazon fire, windows, and mac.

Windows I already made it.

My suggestion on the 5 dollar a year is free for moderators. And we might need a verification option to make sure you called the numbers.

@R34P3R#5996 I heard that FireRTC is banned in India, so he is unable to use the service.

Who is “he”?

@Jnteamed#6002 ParodyGordon

@scraps210#6001 VPN. FireRTC isn’t banned in India, FireRTC blocks Indian users.

@R34P3R#6008 Maybe one version with FireRTC and the other with an alternative to FireRTC? But that’s my suggestion. I personally think it would be a hassle to turn on VPN every time to use FireRTC. But that’s just me.

@scraps210#6009 For me I leave it on all the time, I can only recommend the same for scambaiters. I don’t know of any free, unlimited, web based SIP providers other than FireRTC.

@R34P3R#5996 But we would need their permission for that if we use their API’s otherwise it would be illegal.

Contacting them and getting their permmision would apparently not be free😡

At least i am not doing it. But i think it is legal if you just “iframe” it.

@Jnteamed#6020 You could also just inject javascript into the page when it loads to do everything you need.

@ParodyGordon#6018 You’re not creating an API, you’re embedding their site into the app.

OK I thought we needed a private caller service of our own , so that when a call is placed it could later connect to FireRtc’s server.

@ParodyGordon#6039 That would require an API, which costs. It is possible, however, to simply use JS to load the site, and allow it to be interacted with. This way we could spoof, record, and call totally free of charge. But, it would requires users to have an account with FireRTC. I could add a line to my account for users, but it would either be a local number, or a private number.

@ParodyGordon#6039 Do you know how to code?