Scam Company Exposed: Spykesoft Technologies Private Limited

Real Phone Number:

+91 1141047226

Call Center Number:

Spent 1:47:38 with these guys. Knock some sense into them. Will transfer to senior Techneeecian. They are real scammers, ran tree/netstat. Fake Trojan on my VM. Attempted and failed syskey.

Real Call Center Address:

C-68 , C Block Rd, Pocket A, Okhla Phase I, Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi, Delhi 110020, India

@CyberExplosion5#54497 Found some more juicy information about these scammers:


Email: [email protected]


Their facebook page: Facebook

@WayneZengDaItGuy#54509 nice, I didn’t do that much digging into them, but it’s good to see some people are. Very interesting. Very odd to have such a legitimate sounding company and throw it away with what they really do.

Excellent discovery.

Last year I came across scam site:

They seem to share director and phone numbers with Spykesoft

91-8587817395 91-847882553

Also they have identical customer testimonial (funny one from: John Lennon)

@drwat#54515 Lol. John Lennon.

Delhi IN

I have just called and used my tired female voice. he left me on the line for a bit so I got board and played the Penis Song By Monty Python and he hung up. He wants to have no fun.

Spykesoft are still scamming. They have 40-50 staff at the Clay Telecom building in Okhla Phase 1, Delhi ( They mainly call UK and US numbers. Call centre opens at 9 PM and closes 6 AM IST. The owners are loaded, probably from running this call centre successfully for 3 years now. I’ve sent various Indian agencies the evidence. They’re still hiring on job portal. Check the internal documents below and see what you can find.

Payment Gateways: &
Internal company sites: & & &

Possible Number: +1 (833) 610-1213

Spykesoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. internal training documents (script and internal websites)

Please like my Google Maps review so others don't take a job there

My YouTube video doing recon around the call centre at night, "Indian Scam Call Centre with GOONS for Security"

Thanks for the expose Karl! But it looks like someone else knew it was a scam before we did, more negative reviews even months ago. Unless the cops themselves are exposed i feel our efforts are in vain. And thanks for the scripts as well could prove useful to incriminate these scammers.

Leela-HR Associate in Spykesoft Technologies Private Limited

Title from App.js

NIDHI-HR Associate in Spykesoft Technologies Private Limited

Still hiring seems to be them, too. It’s some kind of cloud backup software, maybe similar to Google Drive, One Drive on your PC:

(source: Product Agreement)

I think ‘Poonam’ is ‘Shelly’, multiple people had posted about a HR named Shelly on google reviews. I do not know much of investigative scambaiting so any good follow up to this post would be greatly appreciated!


Both the number and the website now appear to be down. Nice.

Spykesoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

D-158 B, Near Honda City Showroom, Okhla I, New Delhi, Delhi 110020, India

I think Karl Rock was going to investigate them.

Is this still operating? I found a phone number on their google maps listing.