Reverse PC Access

Hey guys,

I was wondering what tools do I need to gain reverse access into a scammers pc, I want to do some Jim Browning sorcery with this information. How do you guys also shut down gift card centers? How do you make a fake credit card that scammers can go on (for example in a Scammer Payback video, they let tech support scammers go onto a bank account, I’m obviously assuming that this is a “burner”) Any help with me much appreciated! Cheers!

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Check the Scambait Guide on the top right.

To quote the guide, “It’s best if you stay away from this area unless you know what you’re doing”. So I would advise from going full “Jim Browning” unless you know more about this.

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Those bank accounts are fake. Scam baiters you see with those are running a spoofed version of a bank’s page on their own local PC.

The “reverse the connection” thing generally relies on tricking a scammer into letting you connect to their computer.

Thanks for letting me know, perhaps can you give more information on how to do both spoofing the bank account and gaining reverse access? If you want you can link
about it. Thanks for letting me know about what I should look for :slight_smile:

Ah, thanks for letting me know. I know a fair bit about these things, honestly I just relied on wireshark ip grabbing but I kinda want to take this to the next level. Need to learn how to use a RAT now. Tysm :slight_smile:

It isn’t a burner account, it’s a fake bank How to set up your very own fake bank website, right on your own machine

But you also have to keep in mind 1. Having the ability to be in a scammers computer is risky and random people don’t need it. scammers have victim info who knows what a bad actor could do with that. Not only that there is a legal risk doing it, that’s why it isn’t teached in the community because anyone can abuse it. Not only that Jim has experience compared to you which you won’t meaning you could end up destroying the PC attempting to save victims etc. or not knowing what to tell victims which could cause them to still be at harm from the scammers (such as call the bank, remove software the scammers put from the PC) and convincing the victim is hard and approaching them plus it’s a lot of work. That’s why we leave it to Jim and others who know what their doing rather than taking the risks ourselves. (I originally posted in Jims server).

You can do a lot of good with it but you can mess stuff up if you don’t know what your doing or join the dark side after seeing huge victims.

Alright then, thank you for that answer, almost cleared everything I need, have a good one!

And, also, if you falsely accuse someone, you are much more practically likely to get in legal trouble. This community’s definition of a scam continues to weaken. Vigilante justice should never be considered the only option for preventing scams.