Publishers Clearing House 929-581-6084

9295816084 PCH claim code 4711


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Fresh robocalls with this number used to send out this new number
9299393371 PCH claim code 4711

Another batch of robocalls with this number
9295816084 PCH claim code 4711

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9295816084 PCH claimers number is 4711
More robocalls

Hi. My name is Deborah Holland. This is an important message from the Publisher’s Clearinghouse, signed and approved by the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission. We are excited to inform you that you are the lucky winner of $5,000 a week, forever in our monthly grand prize draw. Did you check your mailbox or your email? Your prize claimers number is 4711. I repeat, 4711. To claim your prize, please contact the prize claims department immediately at 929-581-6084. Again, that’s 929-581-6084. Congratulations. Thanks for making it. PCH. The house where dreams come true.

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929-581-6084 Still Active VM Sunday 2-26-23 8:39PM EST

More robocalls spoofing one of the real PCH numbers again

They spoof this number 8004594724 (PCH real number)
with details to call this number again
9295816084 PCH claim code 4711

929-581-6084 Still Active VM Friday 3-3-23 9:002PM EST

929-581-6084 Still Active VM Monday 3-13-23 10:05PM EST

Deb is on the phone…. 516-519-7688. Deb turned out to be man!!

Must be one hell of a VC!

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No VC they’re not that sophisticated. They are really pissed at me and asked me to call them on cell 518-413-2366 which I did! They did not like number of times Morgan Whallen called!

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On my call, didn’t sound like there was a lot of commotion in the background.

What was the outcome of that number?

It worked until they blocked all my burners.

I got six. I’ll hit’em up

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518-413-2366 Still Active David Anderson Wednesday 3-22-23 6:18PM EST

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Scammer on the line!

Quick to disconnect the call… wanted gift cards…

Scammer called me on 516-400-7488 I called back and played Charlie Daniels they won’t pick up???

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516-400-7488 Still Active Todd Sloane Monday 4-3-23 7:03PM EST