Publishers Clearing House genuine number (robo) call reminder

IF you come across or see anything resembling this, these are genuine calls from the real PCH and not a scam. They tend to get caught up in the robocall system quite often, which says a lot in itself

This is a current robocall alert

These are the main toll free PCH numbers they call from
There are also any number of local area code office numbers they may use as well

Publishers Clearing House
8004594724 PCH real number
8004597930 PCH real number
8005429453 PCH real number :arrow_left: The number in this alert

I can’t wait for the weekend to hurry up and get here.
I need a few hours sleep. :yawning_face::sleeping:


Another perfect example has been robocalling since early this morning

They’re spoofing a real PCH number (8004594724), to send out robocalls to call them back on their old shitty & still active TextNow number from, Tuesday, 24 January 2023
These lowlife filthy bastards are doing this quite a lot, trying to lend some sort of legitimacy to their utter nonsense.

9295816084 PCH claim code 4711

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