"Protect My Car," EXTENDED WARRANTY SCAMMERS - (833) 386-2764


PRERECORDED MESSAGE: “Are you there? Usually, people are calling us back because they recently received a recent phone call from us, is that why you are calling us back today? Great, so I’m with the auto savings center, and I see here that you recently filled out an online request to receive a call regarding information on how you can save 50% of your auto repairs by participating in our auto savings program. In addition to this incredible saving, our auto program provides free roadside assistance, free towing, tire rotations, and even free oil changes throughout the year. So our ambassador program guarantees of 50 percent deductible off auto repairs like ac, transmission in electrical issues. Best of all, nothing changes done where you have your vehicle repaired for your convenience. We’ve partnered with Amco, Jiffy Lube and PepBoys, so feel free to take it there or any licensed repair facility of your choice.”

Callers will be transferred to one of their “auto specialists,” Andrew Solomon from Protect My Car

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Associated Physical Address - 570 Carillon Pkwy 3rd floor, St. Petersburg, FL 33716

NEW NUMBER - ‪(719) 301-1803


I’ve signed up to receive a quote on my ‘car’. By chance anyone have a recording/script of all the questions they ask?

Seems pretty easy to get into their call pipeline. Go to their website and fill out the free quote info, email can be fake. Protect My Car | Free Quote | Protect My Car. I’m receiving calls the next day:

Based on their pay information, it seems they start at around $15 an hour. Lenny has cost them 75 cents already. I currently have 20 DIDs, plan on buying 50+ more DIDs in the near future. This is going to be fun.

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