PREMARKETING INC Post Tech Support Scam Numbers

Scam Numbers: (888) 788-0141, (888) 788-0203, (888) 681-0390

On 5/4/22, I got made it to the end of a tech support scammer’s script. They left this text document on my computer:

Toll Free number: 1-888-788-0203/ 1-888-681-0390 / 1-888-788-0141

Email:- [email protected]

OrderID: 0405202201

This payment of $ 499.98 USD will reflect on your next billing statement by the name “PREMARKETING INC”.

Issues Covered:

  • Technical Support
  • All major software issues covered
  • Virus issues, slow performance,
  • Computer optimisation & Browser Optimisation
  • Booting issues, installation/uninstallation
  • Network issues, printer issues, email issues, etc
  • Peripheral Support: Router, Printer, Scanner, Ext. Hard Drive
  • Backup and Restore Assistance
  • 100% Transferrable
  • Remote Support
  • 24x7 Support
  • Toll Free number
    -Free Monthly Computer Tuneups


Security Question:
Q- What is your mother’s maiden name?

NOTE: Please beware of the unsolicitated calls and do not entertain any calls without asking for the Pass Key. If that
person do not provide you the right Pass Key call us directly on our Toll Free Numbers. In case you receive a call
from a telecaller claiming to be our company, please ask for the passkey & additionaly you can ask for security
questions. Please ensure that the passkey matches with the one that you have in your record. If for any reason you
do not have your passkey or do not remember it, please hang up and call back on our numbers. Please do not fall
victim to be any claim or information. Remember, such people might ask you to pay on again and promise you a
refund on original payment, don’t fall victim for it. Remember, whenever in doubt, give us a call.

The scammers instructed me to call their toll free numbers if I needed computer help in the future, and they took effort to prevent me from calling other tech support scammers.

Yesterday, 6/27/22, I received a voice mail from the number (808) 467-2245 claiming to be from Premarketing Inc asking me to call them back on (888) 788-0141 for a “computer service call.” It seems to me that this call center is using their toll free support numbers in an effort to scam more money out of people who have already fallen victim to their scam.

If you bait any of these numbers, keep in mind they are only intended for people who they have already scammed. Pretend you are a previous victim of theirs, and make up a computer problem that you need them to fix.

888-788-0203 Still Active. MaleChode. Wednesday 10-26-22 12:21PM EST

888-788-0141 Still Active. MaleChode. Wednesday 10-26-22 12:22PM EST

888-681-0390 Still Active. Same Guy

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