Odditiy With Long Running Bait

On 5/4/22, I made it to the end of a tech support scammer’s script. I go into more detail about it in this thread: PREMARKETING INC Post Tech Support Scam Numbers

Yesterday, 8/4/22, exactly 3 months after the original call, the call center sent me this voicemail from the number (808) 681-0590:

I tried calling the phone number mentioned in the voicemail, (888) 788-0203, but it rang indefinitely. I tried calling their other toll free numbers, (888) 788-0141 and (888) 681-0390, to no avail. I also tried calling the number on another phone number, but I was still met with an infinite dial tone.

I know its normal for scammer numbers to quickly go out of service, but these number have been active for months. I find it very peculiar that they go out of service the day after they leave me a message telling me to call them.

The only plausible explanations I can think of are:

  1. Since the last time I tried calling the numbers, they implemented a system that defers VOIP numbers.

  2. The numbers have been offline for a while now, but the scammers don’t realize this so they told me to call them anyway.

I suppose its not a bad thing their numbers are offline, but I cannot fathom why now. Does anyone have any ideas?

The only other ways I can think to contact them are through their email address, [email protected], and through a support program they left on my computer called GetSupportNow.exe. I looked through the code of this file with .NET Reflector, and all it seems to do is send a PHP forum to their website http://ithelpdeskemail.com. Do you think I should try to flood these vectors of communication to effectively cutoff their victims from getting back in touch with them, or should I leave them open under the supposition that it is more valuable to keep in touch with them myself to collect more information about them?