Pre-made FBI Virtual Machine (Ubuntu OS)

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The password is: fbi


How do I set this up when I download it? Need a little guidance, would be appreciated. Haven’t done anything setup wise for example with Ubuntu/Linux at all previously.

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I’ve so far created a new VM - Titled it: FBITerminal
Oracle instantly recognised it as me needing Ubuntu/Linux. Assuming because I put TERMINAL in the title.
I’ve allocated 35GB - Fixed Size Hard Drive / VirtualDiskImage (VDI) | 2900MB Base Storage + 130MB Video Memory.


If you are using vmware just select open VM and then find the file that shows in the VM folder and click on it.

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Finishing the download of the ZIP brb. Just woke up.


I keep getting this error. How do I fix it? Or am I not supposed to unzip and I’m just meant to stick it straight into the VM STORAGE?

I got the files to successfully unzip (extract) - Still can’t seem to get it to work!
Help is appreciated. @Coco11211 :slight_smile:

Go to NeePs Premade VM and look at how he tells you to install it that’s how I did it.

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@Coco11211 Pre-made Windows 10 Scambaiting Virtual Machine (New 2022) - #6 by AngelFat
This one? First I’ll need to upgrade from my shed windows 7 lol (if you aren’t already aware, my windows 10 broke a few months ago) - In order to get VMWorkstation products I need WINDOWS 8 ORRR GREATER OS (Higher, Such as: Windows 10)

I believe I have a point in saying you should specified if it’d only work on a specific VirtualMachine hosting application and if so which one LOL.

Sorry, if you want you could host a windows VM and then use the license keys I’m showing people that are free in my next post when it accepted to activate vmware and then run the VM.

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That’d be appreciated. I have a windows 10 vm setup already, just not yet activated.

Spoof an FBI phone number and call them. When they ask what your email is, give an email on the domain (you can find some from

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Piracy is not the best idea.