Posts now require moderator approval

Hi guys,

We've decided to turn post approval back on due to the large amount of spam posts (e.g. fake numbers). When you make a post without any roles assigned to your account, your post will need to be approved by a moderator.

If you are known to make good posts & not post fake information, then you may be granted a role which bypasses manual verification.

agreed :smiley: bute some time scammer are forwarding the call ( like i am call a scammer and there forward it to the police and firertc block thos numbers but not if the scammer forward the call

we’re all after the same cause guys, to shut these fuckers down, it;s not about pissing an ex lover or someone that screwed you at work. this site is all about helping people.

@thunder#51918 I like that idea

Great Idea! Does this apply to off topic and meta posts?

You could make a bot that recognizes bad numbers and silently flags a post

So uh do I get the exception?

@AVeryOldLady#51968 How would the bot know if a number is ran by a kid? Doesn’t make sense.

Do I get to be approved? :smiley: I always double check my numbers are legit

This site and firertc are target number one for a billion dollar industry of scams…sometimes I’m surprised this site doesn’t get ddos’ed out the universe. Now that scam baiting subreddits aren’t allowed to post phone numbers. This site is the most hated in the scam planet .i thought it was wierd a lot of brand new users we’re posting non 800 numbers in my thread and others all of a sudden ,

Thank s so much scammer info, thanks thunder , thanks markiemm my fav mod. Y’all do a lot for free. We sincerely thank u for the countless hours on this . y’all got entire industrys and local governments and politicians in Haryana Chandigarh scared to death


I've known this website for a while, and never made an account, I love this website, and I got a lot of numbers from here


If someone did you wrong, don’t post there phone number here. Seek some professional help and move on.

Aw… you mean this useless post needs moderator approval? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Sounds like the scammers are starting to feel the pain… poor darlings! :smiley: :smiley:

My sincere thanks. This platform is so much needed to rid of the scammers who hurt us, specially hurt older folks. We need to keep the posts focused to that end.

Here’s a suggestion:

Create a bot that automatically approves posts that don’t contain any website links, phone numbers, or other contact info. As those are mostly only for discussion, they are usually not spam.

@atomicdragon136#52345 How would a bot discern the difference between a tech support scammer and some kid who got pranked by a friend? At the very best we could validate that numbers are active, not much more.

Check out another scam baiting hub

i dont understand why i look a an avatar new post, and the dude has been a user here for like 5 minutes, and it gets posted, but i cant post without approval

Cool! Now we know that all numbers will be verified!

@Lecter#52364 No, I mean by the bot only approving posts that do not contain any phone numbers, email addresses, or website links (except whitelisted domains). This is because most posts for the only purpose of discussion or commenting are not spam.

Phone numbers, email addresses, and links should be manually approved.