PCH Main # (202) 846-3365

Scam Number: Main # (202) 846-3365
Domain Used:
Extra Info: CB # (586) 315-3399 PCH Norman Prescott

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Looked this one up they have been around for a long while. ( https://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-202-846-3365 ) since 2020.

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So is it legit?

Well from the notes on that website I’d say no not legit. Oh and this other post American Sweepstakes 202-846-3365.

Nobody picked up tho. Probably not by the phone.

On either number?

Google voice couldn’t place the call for the 586 number and the 202 number didn’t pick up.

I’ll try on another service. (586 still didn’t work with another service.)

I’m sorry, I typed it wrong, (586) 315-3339

Still giving me not a valid number or couldn’t place your call.

Yep that ones gone

Flood (202) 846-3365 picked up heard noise and then I believe mute

I called and was on the line for 15 seconds nothing said to me.

I just got a call from ‪(586) 315-3339‬ didn’t pick up I didn’t see the call.

He’s just picking up and muting it

Very odd. I can’t call them but they can call me tho.

Got six numbers going now.

I just got there’s ben a kerfuffle in the call factory. Never had that ever.

That was GV, TN keeps ringing