PCH Main # (202) 846-3365

It is definitely not legit. They are Publishers clearing house scammers from Jamaica, from the Kingston area to be more precise

I’m blowing the 202 number up on TN, GV wont accept

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They know who I am, I’ve been bating them for quite a while. I keep spoofing my number, they keep blocking it, I spoof another number, they block it… I told him go ahead and keep blocking numbers, I’ll keep changing mine and calling you. It’s just a matter of will at this point. Lol

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Microsip says kerfuffle in the call factory.

Can’t change on TN but it keeps ringing then drops. Should I stop?

Up to you they might have dropped the number by now tho.

So why does TN ring over over and then drops

No clue.

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(202) 846-3365 Still Active