PayPal / 209-372-3241

Scam Number: 209-372-3241
Additional information about this scam: You may remember the ‘Dear Custome’ guy’s, they have learned to spell ‘Customer’ but nothing else has changed.

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Carrier: Twilio
Answers as: “PayPal
Call Center Location: Kolkata, West Bengal India :india:
IP: :india:

Falsely claims: Account hacked by Robert Clarkson from Texas
Remote Access Software: ConnectWise from (Nickname: “Secure Server,” Code: 987321/37DT25P, IP: 2606:4700:3031::ac43:d619 :us:.) or AnyDesk (Address: 674076569/user, Password: paypal123).


I was asked to log into my PayPal account, so I logged into the bhenchod song.


Phone# 888-322-1293

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Drat. I got put into the voicemail of Jerica Walchek, or some name. The robotic female voice seemed to say Jerica Walchek or maybe Erica Walchek.

Ha! That is not very convincing that a toll-free number would be put into a voicemail for a specific person’s name.

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  • Phone Number: (717) 666-3281
  • Date of this Report: July 10, 2024
  • Phone Line Type: VOIP
  • Phone Location: LANCASTER, PA

I got a callback from a foreign guy from this (717) 666-3281. He said he is returning my call.

I asked him what number I’d called and he said the (888) 322-1293 number. So he is a criminal with these criminals at (888) 322-1293.

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717-666-3281 Sam Wednesday 7-10-24 12:49PM EST