PayPal ‪‪(205) 570-7673‬

Scammer’s Number: ‪(205) 570-7673‬
Domains Used:
Extra Info: Received email from PayPal stating “6nVo-5pbT-4fsN order no. is accepted.” The amount is $921.00. Bitcoin order.

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$921, no way!

15-Nov-2021 at 1:03 pm Central … Steve answered! :laughing:

They are getting angry!


1:38 pm Central … Still they are answering from both of my phone numbers. Sometimes I successfully conference in two of them together on the same call.

There is a rundi there! All but one of them that I got on the phone are men, but at least one of them is a woman.


Apart from the order number, they’re asking for Transaction id.
Do you have it in the email you received?

I copied/pasted the whole email. If they’re adamant, just make one up from a previous paypal charge.

I want her!!! :crazy_face:

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Haha, she is a nasty one too! She is NOT mousy. She cusses like a sailor!


I’m gonna go “fishing” for her, lol.

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got past through that

I just wasted 23 minutes of her time. She called me names that would make a sailor blush. :joy:

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Yes, she is SALTY! haha

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LOL, then you accomplished your mission! I got her once, but she hung almost immediately. I didn’t even get to yell out Yonee to her. :confounded:

Wasted their time for more than 30 min by giving them fake teamviewer ids.

That would explain, at least partially, why they’re so torked up right now :joy:

They are not even trying sincerely to scam any longer!

I just called YET AGAIN. A guy answered with only “hello” and he stayed on the phone with me for about 5 minutes despite the fact I was NOT trying to bait him. He knew I was harassing him, and at one point a couple of minutes into the call I told him to put the female scammer on the phone, and after a total of 5 minutes of him making stupid noises SHE GOT ONTO THE PHONE AND IMMEDIATELY STARTED CUSSING ME! After a few minutes of being on the same call with her, she finally hung up angrily.

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Oh how I wish you recorded it and make my afternoon.

Damn, still they are answering.

Bear with me please, for my primary phone number that I have had for over 20 years is a VOIP landline.

If I have, as a secondary phone number that I do not use often except for messin’ with scammers, a Samsung Galaxy A42 5G cell phone, is there already on it a way to record phone calls? Or do I need to download onto it for free some “app” that allows me to record a phone call? Well, I am using the free TextNow app that I downloaded onto it to call scammers. I do not see in TextNow where I can record a phone call.

As far as my home VOIP landline number, I could open the free Audacity software that I have on my laptop and connect Audacity to my cordless headset with little microphone, and from within Audacity I could record my calls.

Haha, as far as recording my VOIP phone calls with a much better quality of sound, I could open Audacity on my laptop, connect Audacity to my Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 digital receiver that I would plug into my laptop, connect to my digital receiver my Shure SM-57 microphone after putting on the little pop filter to combat plosives, and I could use Audacity to record a call on my home phone. Hell, I could have in my lap an electric guitar plugged into my old late 1960s 30-watt tube amp, and while speaking to a scammer I could play guitar now and again for dramatic effect, all of which Audacity would be recording.

I can export from Audacity an MP3 file of the recording of the phone call.

I have the Galaxy A52 and there’s a record feature on it, though I would not use my cell # to mess with these criminals. I would go the latter way with Audacity or get the TextNow app on your cell (that’s what I do) and link one of your burner #'s to it.

Oh, I have no burner phone. I just use the free TextNow on my cell phone.

Because I have Google Fiber for my VOIP phone, I can login and switch it so that my home number is not shown and instead “Unknown Number” is shown when I call someone.

Yeah, I should use Audacity! I can export to an MP3 file the Audacity project after I have recorded a phone call.

These criminals at 205 570 7673 are not NEARLY as enthusiastic as they were TWO HOURS ago! Ha!