Parody Gordon's ramblings

Dear Admin,

Before I could give any explanation Mathster1337 banned me.I just had some genuine queries.

I really need help on this issue,this is the second time I have registered with my company’s email.

Admin sir,if you are reading this kindly help me get out of this confusion.

The posts in which I tried to explain the fact of mistaken identity was deleted by him before anybody could read it.Please help me as soon as possible.


Parody Gordon

I am gay.

My sincerest apologies dear sir. How may I assist you @

@1337mathster#7312 Sir its fine.I have resolved my queries already.Thanks for your concern.:slight_smile:

@RobertFrank1789#7320 Good to hear that Maahir!

@1337mathster#7322 Sir for the last time I am not “Maahir”.If you need Any kind of proofs please feel free to ask me.


Robert Frank

@RobertFrank1789#7323 Give me the ‘proofs’.

@1337mathster#7325 I am really sorry sir but you don’t seem to understand my point.I am deleting this thread.You go on your way I go on mine.

@RobertFrank1789#7326 you literally said ‘feel free to ask me for proof’.

@1337mathster#7327 Sir had you shown even a little effort to understand the situation,I would have given my identity happily.But since you are trying to ponder over the fact,I am sorry.I can’t help you,I ll be deleting this pointless thread.

@RobertFrank1789#7329 What was your point? Why waste your time?

Also, do you even know how to delete threads? You’re supposed to be a newbie here, right? :wink:

@1337mathster#7330 As you said I won’t waste my time talking to you.

Plus you deleted my post on the admins thread,this is evident of your ego.


@RobertFrank1789#7331 Nice YouTube channel btw

Link:Maahir Sharma - YouTube


[“Mistaken Identities”,“Parody Gordon’s ramblings”]

I don’t get the point of this thread? I guess? And BTW Parody Gordon, You got a lot of names.

@XninjaX#7336 Even @RobertFrank1789 doesn’t know it’s purpose.

@1337mathster#7339 LOL yeah!!!1!

P.S. @RobertFrank1789 If you have no job, this video will keep you busy for 10 hours

Gandalf Sax Guy 10 Hours (Original) - YouTube

He just admitted to me that 3 of his accounts on got banned today

Ban evasion much? Ban that IP