Online Account Sale Scam

Scammer’s Discord: ΛCΞ#9363, 卐SHHEEESH卐#7452
Domains Used:
Extra Info: These two people have been stealing and scamming individuals out of online accounts. These accounts are from a variety of platforms such as Spotify all the way up to Video game accounts. They will look to sell these accounts through their discord (Discord) or on the website listed above. I’m not entirely sure what to do about this now, I have unearthed it and I hope this makes it easier for someone to do something about it and get these to deplorable humans stopped.


The scammers are in Reykjavik, Capital Region, Iceland. The number to contact is +354 421 2434. The address is Kalkofnsvegur 2. The postal code is 101. Send them a letter (actual paper, by mail).


Now this scamers opened / regesterrd new scam website with the same phone number (354) 421-2434 it is called
And they scam people by offering fake vacation cabin / house / condo rental asking you to pay them via PayPal using friends and family option so you dont get PayPal protection dont ever do this with anybody unless you know that person.
And then they don’t send you information about the place you were supposed to stay ( because it is 100% fake) and stop replying to your emails.
They provided contact phone number which is text only number 8502041412


Address is an infamously known fake address as it’s used by the Withheld for Privacy project. Also you burned all the leads to the scammers, invite is dead, gg.


Yeah they opened now a new website

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@TenMirim is burning leads to scammers a good thing? Also, not to derail the thread, but what invite are you talking about?

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These same guys now have 2 other websites promoting people to let them invest cryptocurrencies for them. One website is called the other one is
Both of these websites are registered to this same phone number and address as you people listed above.
They are even recruiting people to send to their websites.
One of the people re ruiting for the is called the RUNGUYS an they are all over YouTube.
The other person is just a woman on Facebook promoting this on the website they offer to pay people 50 bucks to recruit for them for each person they get to invest in it. They ALMOST got me to invest until I found this. I already suspected them considering both of these websites are registered to the same number and address.


Not an Uncommon scam modal, They’ve been around for a time.

I Can dump some massive Discord servers housing more scams than one would ever need. We’ve used Proxies and what not to send reports in without flagging discords Abuse systems because they will ignore you if you send to many in.

The accounts are acquired from credential stuffing or botnets, But Mostly Credential stuffing. Which is rather cheap and goes unnoticed, They run USER:PASS or EMAIL:PASS to crack the account.

they can deploy Selenium or other tools to bypass any problem, Some Have Proxy APIs and Captcha services to bypass any captcha or Rate Limiting

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I was searching and the number and address the OP mentioned came up. What do you guys think?

I think these guys are running multiple scams with multiple websites but all go to that same phone number and address. I haven’t personally lost any money with them because I researched their websites before i was going to invest.
I’ve considered investing 50 bucks just to see if they rip me off or not an if they do expose every website they have.
So what are they selling on the website you found?

Well I just found a FOURTH website these guys are running. All to the same address an phone number and all are crypto trading websites.
I will list them all here.
An darn it i cant find the other one now but there was a fourth one.
Anyway they have you tubers and people on Facebook promoting these websites.
My question is what can be done to stop them?

can someone confirm me about
Is this a legal website

@Mr_Hussy no, it is not legal.
Their fake address is a house in the UK

Welcome to the club @Mr_Hussy!

But bro, I have invested there my 2 BTC and the is also saying that this is a legat and safe website but i’m worried

Capitalhillinvestment are very happy to take your money but never pay out. Funded by Ultimate Crypto Trading Investment or JANET KIM. Report to Icelandinc police cyber crime unit?

You can add to the list.
Same phone number registered at
They are using OLX in Qatar to fake a dog seller. I did not know about that until get a contact from an “agent” asking me to pay in BTC for the shippment. Then I start to search and found all the pictures he sent me were fake, you can find then on Google Images. They used an UK whapp number (+44 7407 545059). Today I realized they open more ads on OLX using an american number (+1 240 542 8149) and after a quick research I found their frauds in Argentina, same dog selling stuff.

Ultimate Crypto Trading Investment has now become Crypto Investment Ultimate Trading and Bitcoin Trading Forex on Telegram. They suggest you message @loganamelia. It was previously Janet_fx_Kim. Her photos are actually Mônica Fernanda Santos Porto Pires working at CRC-ES, Rua Amélia da Cunha Ornelas, 30 - Bento Ferreira - Vitória - ES - CEP: 29050-620 - Tel: (27) 3232-1600. I couldn’t find any of her photos on the internet so Monica may well be connected somehow. Also they want bitcoin sent to 3QwpDB6q3CNuCuNL8rMwf8zSqbxQfNufqQ if anyone can trace where this is.

The website is based on Wordpress and is also hosted by Wordpress. However, the site is unreachable and the SSL Certificate also expired. So I assume, the website got taken down.

Does anyone know if is a scam as well, seems they have the same address in Iceland as all the above scam sites?

A friend of mine says they have BTC on deposit in their wallet, but the wallet is requiring them to pay almost 5 ETH ($20,000) upfront to be able to send their BTC to another wallet on the blockchain. Seems like a scam to me but does anyone know for sure?