Next Gen Leads, a TCPA-violating LEAD GENERATOR DBA "FirstQuote Health"


“Hey, it’s Katie from First Quote health trying you back about the health insurance coverage you’re looking for. Don’t settle for insurance that’s expensive or doesn’t cover what you need. If you have a few minutes, one of our specialists can give you a free rundown of the options. Press one now to speak with them. If you’re busy, press two and we can call back. If you don’t need coverage, press nine. You. Hello, this is Katie from First Quote Health calling in regards to your inquiry about health coverage. If you’re ready to discuss this, call us back at this number. If you’d like to opt out from receiving these calls, please let us know by calling 888-475-3122.”


Calls made to the (864) number are picked up by FirstQuote Health, a subsidiary for the BBB-accredited sales lead generator NextGen Leads, LLC, which was founded by former Google employee Chris Kelly in 2014.

They are located at 701 B St Ste 1255 San Diego, CA 92101-8187.

While the company has a grade of A+ with the Better Business Bureau, they also hold a 1.2-star review on TrustPilot. User complaints on the two platforms revealed a series of dark patterns by the company, such as:

  • Collecting personal information about their victims, including SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS, via FirstQuote Health, “free iPhone” and retail rebate voucher scams.
  • Selling leads of individuals who gave false identities, already received insurance from other providers or disconnected their phone line to licensed insurance agents who are refused refunds.
  • Calling victims as much as 50 times per day with various numbers.
  • Calling victims who pressed 9 to be “added to their do-not-call list.”
  • Calling victims under the guise of the “Health Registration Company.”

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FirstQuote Health
NextGen Leads

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FirstQuote Health: About | LinkedIn
NextGen Leads: Overview | LinkedIn

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FirstQuote Health (@FQHealth) / X (

Associated Phone Number - (877) 817-3853

Associated Email Address - [email protected]

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NEW NUMBER - (864) 658-9837