New To Scam Baiting - Questions

Hi, I am going to start my journey in scam baiting. Will be learning to do general scam-baiting and then ratting/reversing connections. I have a few questions though.

  1. I have VMWare installed already. What are some others things do I need?

  2. Can someone run me through the process of making myself fully un-traceable? What is required and what do I need? Will be ratting and don’t want anything to fall back on me so need to cover myself good.



A VPN would be a good idea, and use something like tempmail for anything that requires signing up to.

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Use a VPN, and use a temporary emailing service

How about calling service? What can I use to call and spoof caller ID?

If you want to do stuff like call flooding and number spoofing then you’ll need a PBX server like Asterisk and a compliant SIP trunk provider.

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Hi Chod, Please have a look at the thread below it has a link to a service for making calls.