New Fake Bank and Scambait Tools! Responder Utilities

Hi Guys, I created a set of tools for the scam bait community that I worked super hard on for months now. It’s a pair of plug-in’s that give you a fake bank, fake shopping, a few redeems, a giftcard database, and remote control commands, plus manages your “character” profile info, all in one centralized tool! I hope you’ll take a look at the video’s to see what I mean, here: Scammers are going to hate this: Part 0 - Trailer #fakebank - YouTube and if you have any questions let me know on this thread, and join my discord server here: SinisterSpatula's server
You can purchase it here: Responder Controller & Utilities


v1.0.9 released today that now backs up captures to the admin panel, fixes to amazon, and more giftcards added to the admin’s database, as well as some other improvements.

v1.0.10 released today with some changes to the transfers and zelle pages, and improvements to the logs/captures, and other fixes.

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