National Tax Debt, LLC - Fraudulent tax consultants posing as the IRS



“Hello, you’ve reached the desk of Karen Hollis with Los Angeles-based National Tax Advisory Services LLC, an A+ BBB-rated company. We were trying to reach you regarding the new zero-tax-owed debt relief program that is now open for enrollment. Our records show you may still have some open tax debt and the new zero-tax-owed debt relief program will allow you to eliminate this debt, given it will be deemed temporarily non collectible. However, you must elect during the current open enrollment. If you have tax debt and would like to enroll in the program, please press one. If you have no tax debt or are simply not interested, please press two to be removed from our list. Thanks and have a good day.”

  • Pressing 1 will transfer callers to the “tax group”
  • Pressing 2 will hang up the call.

Popup -

Registered via NameCheap on August 24, 2020 (Updated August 25, 2022) - Whois

National Tax Advisory Services, LLC is a fraudulent tax consultancy service accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A- rating. They are located at 6345 Balboa Blvd STE 160 Bldg 3, Encino, CA 91316-5236

Associated Phone Numbers:
(800) 471-6312


(818) 456-3055


Associated Email Address - [email protected]

Associated IP Address -

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NEW NUMBER - (680) 200-4306


UPDATE: Just called the number back, and they are now posing as the “IRS Tax Relief Hotline.”

The company has reportedly faced lawsuits for violations of the TCPA in Texas

Arredondo v. National Tax Advisory Services, LLC (
Salaiz v. National Tax Advisory Services, LLC et al 3:2022cv00006 | US District Court for the Western District of Texas | Justia

NEW NUMBER - (914) 221-4318


NEW NUMBER - (914) 221-4082



“Hey there, I must have missed you. It’s Jessica over at National Debt Advisory Services, LLC. I tried to last week as well this is a follow-up notification regarding the new zero debt program that is now open for you it looks like you possibly have some past money that you owe which we can squash with this new program we can eliminate all your unsecured debt such as medical bills credit card debt and Loans basically they become non collectible but you must elect to enroll this month so give me a shout back at 88”

They are now going as “National Debt Advisory Services, LLC.”

Thanks for the mention of the new name. NTAS has been the defendant in some other TCPA cases. If you look up Rebecca Miller v. [NTAS], there are actually two cases. As I understand it, the plaintiff won a judgement aginst NTAS for their robocalls, and NTAS continued to call her.
I think Shane Scofield and Mabel Arredondo might also have settled with NTAS, but I don’t know if either plaintiff has been paid yet.
I got four “ringless voicemails” from them in late Jan./early Feb. using the name “U.S. Tax Experts.” Calls to the numbers given in the voicemail are answered as “Tax Group” (a name that appeared in one of the other TCPA lawsuits I’m aware of), and eventually get transferred to NTAS. Some people answering the phones there seem to think they’re doing God’s work or something. The FCC ruled not long ago that ringless voicemails are a TCPA violation.
The originating numbers, all from my own area code, are a mix of CenturyLink and other carriers. They aren’t exactly spoofed. Calls to those numbers usually go to a recording that says something about “No one is available to take your call. Press 2 to opt-out.” Well, I never opted-in, so I might hafta sue them, too.
The callback numbers left in the voicemails also seem to be all or at least mostly Telnyx numbers, too. In two of the voicemails, the robobimbos gave two different callback numbers. I hope there’s a way to subpoena subscriber info for a civil case.
As always, good research, OGE. What are you using for reverse lookups these days?

A combination of and You can just call me by my last name, Goodenough.

Got it. :+1:
I;'ve been using NumLookup for awhile, probably after a mention I saw on this site, but this is the first I’ve heard of zlookup.
Thanks again.

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Numlookup limits free users to only 5 lookups per day, so I double that by also using Zlookup.


Zlookup looks like Numlookup used to, with the Captcha and all.
I think a subscription is needed to get user info, and I did subscribe to NumL. I have to sign in to get user info.

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‪(401) 308-0249‬

“Hello, this is Emily calling from us tax experts. Were an A+ BBB rated company? I’m reaching out to inform you about a new program that allows you to eliminate the taxes you owe. This program has been designed to suspend tax collection temporarily and you can enroll in it during the special period that is currently underway. So to enroll in this program, please call us back at 844-757-3658. Let me repeat. My number is 844-757-3658. Thanks. We look forward to hearing from you today. Bye for now.”

(844) 757-3658

The scammers are now doing business as “US Tax Experts” or “The Tax Group, LLC.” They completely blocked my number after I asked them for specific details about their company.

NEW NUMBERS: 805-203-2536

“Yes, hello. This is Karen Hollis with National Tax Debt, LLC, an A plus BBB rated company. This is a follow up notification call regarding the new Zero Taxo Debt program that’s now open for enrollment. The new Zero Tax program will allow you to eliminate your past due taxes as it’s been deemed temporarily non collectible. However, you must elect to enroll, and this special enrollment period is now underway. So to enroll in the Zero Tax Elimination Program, please call me back at 380-710-0408. Again, that number is 380-710-0408. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you today. Bye for now. Bye.”


Karen’s back in business, this time as National Tax Debt, LLC.

NEW NUMBERS: (617) 207-0805 & (424) 289-6015.

“Hi, my name is Emily, and I negotiate settlements on back taxes. We found a tax lien associated with this number, so can you please give us a call if the tax lien is indeed yours? If not, we apologize and we’ll remove your number. If it is, we may be able to save you up to 90% on your back taxes and remove the lien. So if you could give me a call back at (424) 289-6015. We do have an A plus rating with the BBB, and our team of tax attorneys and enrolled agents have been reducing back taxes and removing liens for over a decade. So give me a call at 424-289-6015 and we may be able to save you up to 90%. That’s (424) 289-6015.”

Calls to the (617) number are picked up by “Tax Services”

NEW NUMBER: ‪(919) 728-6000‬ (ONVOY)

Calls as “Emily,” picks up as “Katie Williams” (Femchode) from “Tax Services.”